Pony Tale

A Pony Tail By Minstrel

Sarah and I had been dating for about two years and had developed our relationship to the point where we shared everything with each other. When I told her about my fetish for long hair, she resolved to never cut her butt-length hair. Our sex play would often involve a wonderful hair massage and would often wind up with me giving Sarah a “Cream Rinse”.

Unfortunately good things do seem to have to come to an end. Sarah’s employer was transferring her to the Deep South and she would be leaving. After much discussion, we mutually decided that we should break off the relationship when she moved rather than let it dwindle down due to geography.

Our last night together started out kind of somber. Neither one of us felt very good about breaking up but it seemed to be the only option as my career was up here. After a few drinks, we started to fool around a bit. With an impish grin she said, “I know what will cheer you up.” She knelt in front of me and opened my pants. Pulling out my cock, she proceeded to wrap a big handful of her soft brown hair around it. The feel of her hair sliding up and down on my cock was sending me up the wall! I moaned, “I sure am going miss this!” She looked up and said, “I don’t think so,” and went on to explain that the climate down south wasn’t conducive to having long hair, and she thought that she would cut it and leave it with me. At first I was horrified. Then I started to warm up to the idea of having such a special memento from her. After more discussion, it was decided that I should cut it for her. She even had an idea to make the job more memorable.

She went and got a pair of shears. She then put her hair into a ponytail. She knelt in front of me again and told what she had in mind. She was going to give me a blowjob/ hair massage. When I was ready to come I was to cut her ponytail off at the base of her neck. That would leave me with almost 3 feet of hair! Taking hold of her wonderful soft hair, I agreed. She went to work wrapping the ends of her hair around my cock. She slowly worked it up and down putting me into a frenzy of desire. Every now and then she would take the end of my cock into her mouth and suck on it. All too soon, I felt the come trying to burst out of me. As she sucked I freed her hair from my cock. She went down deep, sucking my whole cock into her mouth. I slipped the shears into her hair and snipped a little. The crunch seemed deafening as little bits of hair sprung free from the ponytail. As she sucked harder I cut more and more, little bits at a time, wanting to make it last. As I started to come, I placed the shears down on the remaining hair and squeezed hard. With a final snip Sarah’s hair hung free in my hand and I started to fill her waiting mouth with cum. We took time out to even up her shorn hair, then proceeded to make love in every other way we could think of.

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Sarah went on to her new job and I went on with my life. I still have her ponytail and have added a few others to my collection. I seem to have caught the cutting bug!


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