The Wedge by: John of NYC Well I got this story from when I was giving a road trip on AOL. I met this girl that we really connected. She was my age and told me about what happened to her long blond hair. Well I liked hearing this story I hope you will like me telling it.

Alice a 15 year old girl from MS wanted to be a hairdresser since she was 10 years old. Her parents supported her all the way and she wanted to make people feel better about themselves. She was so interested in being a hairdresser that she decided to go to a special high school that specialized in a trade like being a hairdresser. She always asked her friends if she could cut their hair. Well of course they always said no!

Alice has had long hair ever since she could remember. As she walked through the hallways she always noticed the other girls and their short haircuts. She figured to herself “why not?”, So she walked down to the Salon and readied all of her courage to say “cut it”. As she arrives for her appointment the lady that was going to take care of Alice walked over in shock of her beautiful long golden blond hair. So she eagerly walked Alice to get her hair washed. As the hairdresser was washing Alice’s hair she commented on how nice it was “my your hair is so thick, blond and beautiful” she quoted. The hairdresser asked what she wanted done Alice took all her courage and said “cut it off”. All of the sudden the hairdresser paused in some sort of excitement. She had a vision of Alice’s new look in her head. She exclaimed to Alice ,”Oh yes, I can see it, It would look so cute on you.”. With no hesitation she wrapped Alice’s hair in a towel and walked Alice to a seat. The hairdresser towel-dried Alice’s hair and explained to Alice what is going to happen. She said “we will give you wonderfully thick bangs and cut you hair just below your ear and shave the hairline”. Alice was so nervous she just nodded and said ” be very careful my hair is thick so it puffs out when dry, its nothing like when its wet”.

Alice was so worried cause her hairdresser was to excited to listen she just wanted to dig in, literally. All that Alice remembers after this is that she saw her bangs to go first. As soon as she saw the long strip of hair that didn’t let her see all of the sudden was gone she felt somewhat enlightened but still worried. There was still the rest to go. The rest was a blur for Alice: all she remembered was snips, swishes and whooshes. As soon as she thought it was all over she heard a buzzing. The buzzing came closer and closer. She turned to her right and saw the clippers. She forgot about those and closed her eyes. She felt the buzzing on her hairline in the back as soon as the buzzing stooped she felt the blow dryer going through her head. She remembered what she told the hairdresser about the hair puffing out when dry. Alice heard her hairdresser shout out “done” in such a happy tone. When Alice looked she was in complete shock. Since her hair becomes thicker when dry her bangs went more up so they were to short and it was like a big marshmallow all over. It was so fluffy kinda. She was in complete and utter shock. The hairdresser said “it’s so thick, full, blond and gorgeous I love it”, of course Alice didn’t think that.

As soon as Alice got home she ran up into her room and cried about it all night long. She is still trying to grow it out till this present day.

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