She Sat Cross-Legged

She Sat Cross-Legged by Cruzzer

It was a dark evening, and the night was cool and filled with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Diane sat cross-legged on the screen porch of the cabin, about to be initiated into the group. They all sat around her kneeling in a circle, holding hands and encouraging her. Up until now, she had just met with the group on a casual basis. The hair cutting ceremony was her first big step to showing her commitment to keeping the ways of the People. Everyone just joining the group was required to have their hair shaved off at the first prayer gathering. After a month with the group, men and women alike were allowed to grow it to no longer than one inch long to symbolize each member as equal.

Diane was a small-framed girl, twenty-two years old, with brown eyes and glasses. She was very feminine and innocent, always wore skirts, and had never cut her hair short. Diane’s family had overprotected her, keeping her in religious schools. Her hair hung down to the middle of her back and was thin and mousy brown. She had tucked it behind each ear and wore a blue bandanna scarf around her small head. After she had broken up with Doug, the missionary, her beliefs in God and the Church had changed. A girlfriend from her old church had introduced her here, and she had instantly known joining the group was her destiny.

Evol had been chosen to do the duty by the draw, or lottery, the way all duties and awards were doled out. He stood above her with the proper tools on a chair nearby, including a pair of barber shears, a comb, hair clippers and disposable razors. He pulled back the bandanna and took off her glasses carefully. “The People have spoken, you have been asked to join us,” he said, “this act will serve to visibly mark you as one. After a month, keep your head looking like ours with the help of Kahr, your twin. Your name given to you by the People’s draw was Ilan.” With that ceremonious statement, he picked up the comb and scissors, pulled up some hair from the top, and put the scissors to her scalp, cutting a 12″ lock. Evol put the lock in an envelope and handed it to a nearby member. The hair lock would be burned in the next morning’s breakfast fire after she completed her first night with them.

Evol then lightly combed her dry hair down around her head, and onto her face, shoulders and back. With the scissors he began cutting at the hairline in front. Evol tenderly but without precision cut off her bangs, and the hair drifted into her lap in thin mousy strands. Her face showed a peaceful look, as her eyes were closed and she tilted her head back. As her forehead was revealed, her face became more beautiful. As he cut along the sides and over the ears on the sides, most of the cut hair was landing on the red towel on her shoulders. Her hairline looked jagged with the blunt cutting. At the back he pushed her head down and continued his path along the hairline on her neck. After finishing scissor-cutting around her head, he plugged the clippers into the extension cord. It was without any guards. It made a loud click as he turned it on, and when he touched them to her forehead, the group held hands again and started humming and chanting. Diane began humming as well, as Evol pulled the clippers slowly through her hair back toward her crown. The feeling of the shaving clippers buzzing along her head felt so foreign to her, but it was very sensual. The black shaver left a path of white scalp right down the middle, where her part had been. Her hair was so thin and fine, the clippers ate through the hair with ease. Evol continued the cut on top, moving to the sides and back. Diane felt her scalp grow cooler with each pass. He slowly ran them back and forth all over her head, gently and softly. The vibration and warmth of the machine became oddly exciting to her. In a matter of a few minutes her head was transformed into a white dome with some visible stubble. Her forehead went on and on, and her oddly shaped ears were revealed.

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The pack of razors was opened by a member, and one handed to Evol. He had spread green shaving gel all over her head. It had to be worked in to get a good frothy white layer of foam on her head. He stood behind her, his long fingers and big hands covering her head as he spread the foam around in slow circular swirls. She found this massage on her naked head so relaxing and so sensual. Her eyes were closed. A tub of hot water lay nearby to rinse the razors. Everyone watched as Evol placed the razor in the foam above her forehead, and began shaving in a left to right movement right along where her bangs had been. White foam and water ran down her face, which was beaming with a big smile. She was loving it, she found. Diane wiped her face with her bandanna. Each pull of the razor felt like heaven, so tingly and forbidden. She was changing inside, she felt, into a new person that would be cleansed of the secular ways of the world. Evol lovingly applied stroke after stroke to her head, moving her ear, and then pushing her head down to her chest to clean up the back and her neck. Her head was almost smooth now, and he felt for any stray stubble. Diane wondered if she would be allowed to be shaved again, she felt so wonderful now. A clean, wet, warm red towel was rubbed all over her head after the shaving was completed. Then Evol’s dexterous fingers massaged her head over and over with slippery moisturizer, until it had been fully absorbed by her scalp. Then he gave her a little kiss on top of her newly slick head. The initiation was finished, and the whole group applauded and shouted praises.

Evol removed the towels on her shoulders, and some long strands and dry hair clippings fell onto the wood porch deck. She stood up and put on her glasses, feeling the damp smoothness of her head with her fingers. Then she stepped over in front of Kahr, her appointed “twin” and took his hand. Kahr moved in to give her a warm body length hug – after a month, he would be responsible for giving her weekly haircuts, and she would give him his. If things worked out, the group minister would unite Diane and Kahr in a bonding ceremony in the Spring. Then they would be free to produce children for the group to raise.

Her gleaming white head and bright smile showed she was full of the spirit of the group as she stood in front of them. The outlook for her life was finally good, she thought, and her decision to join the People was a fine one. She felt so much inner peace. Tomorrow would be her first full day with them, and she was looking forward to the sunrise.


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