Old Promises

Old Promises – Mallrat

One thing that makes the big city look so inviting to a woman is the fact that she doesn’t know everyone and everyone doesn’t know her. I should know. After all, I am a sweet little girl from the south.

It was my first week here. I didn’t know anybody but my roommate. One of the first things that we wanted to do once we got to the big city was to get the haircut that we had both wanted for years. Finally, no family or friends around to judge us and tell us how dumb it was. It probably was dumb, but just the same we wanted to find out for ourselves.

We figured that it was best to go to a hair salon. I didn’t want to go to a barbershop because I didn’t like all those men there judging me. We found one just down the street from our apartment that would take us. Our appointment was at 2:00.

We got there about 15 minutes early. The stylist took my roommate first. She led her back to the chair, strapped the cape around her neck and asked her what she wanted done. When she told the stylist, she almost had a hard attack (or maybe a hard-on, I don’t know for sure). Anyway, she complied.

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The stylist didn’t even bother using the scissors. She pulled out the clippers. She didn’t even have a guard on them. She turned them on at the front of my roommate’s (Susan) head and pushed the clippers through her long thick mass of brown hair. The clippers left a big bald streak right down the middle of Susan’s head. The stylist made another pass right over her head. I couldn’t tell by the look on Susan’s face if she was horrified or delighted. She just kept watching in the mirror as the thick, beautiful mane that she had only had trimmed for years fell lifelessly to the floor. She loved the sound of the clippers though. Ever since she was little she had wanted to do this. When we were in high school, during the summer she would cut her hair above her ears with the sides and back almost totally shaved.

Before I knew it, the stylist was scraping the last of the shaving cream off Susan’s head. I was next. The stylist knew that I wanted the same thing done to me. Again she picked up the clippers and turned them on right in front of my head. She then pulled them all the way across the top of my head. Two things hit me at this time. The first was the reality that I was actually sitting in a chair having my head shaved completely bald and that my blond hair would never be this long again. The second thing to hit me was an orgasm. The more I watched my head get shaved, the wetter I got. She finished with the clippers on me real fast. She then lathered my head with shaving cream. She then took a razor and scraped my head bald.

When I was finished, we got up, paid and left. We then went to the store to buy a pair of clippers. We both let our hair grow out for about a month and then shear each other with the clippers. Our boyfriends even let us shear them too.


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