Not Ready to Please a Man

Story: Not ready to please a man

Maria was a charming sixteen year old girl, going on seventeen, living in a small town in the north east of Spain. This was a very traditional town, one might even call it old fashioned. This is the nineties, and it started to show in this town too, but many families were still holding on to old traditions. The girls all went to an excellent but strict catholic school, with a dull uniform: grey skirt to just above the knee, white blouse and matching socks. All the girls in Maria’s class had long dark hair, some longer than others, but none shorter than several inches below the collar. With hair down to just above her waist, Maria’s hair was not the longest, but it was very silky and smooth, thick and slightly wavy, clearly among the most beautiful in the entire school. She kept it braided most of the time, convenient, but a real shame because it looked so much prettier hanging loose.

Maria inherited her beauty from her mother, and was slowly learning to show it to the world. Her wardrobe was equally dull as her uniform, not a single pair of pants or shorts, only skirts and dresses, but none that were more than two inches shorter than the uniform skirt. Despite this, the beauty of her face, her hair, her figure and her walk were beginning to be clear to everyone but the blind. But in this community beauty isn’t everything. Maria’s parents were very happily married, which gave her every opportunity to learn how a woman pleases her husband, with every part of her body. Well, the parents only made love in the bedroom, but mom displayed different ways of pleasing her husband in a “decent” way, in the living room. A lot of that foreplay was some kind of petting, kissing, tickling dad’s arms or chest with her hair, tickling his face with her long eyelashes, or brushing along his cheeks with her full eyebrows. Maria absorbed all that knowledge, knowing that one day she would get a chance to please a man in all these ways.

But one day in her life changed all that, for a long time…

It was the beginning of summer vacation… Maria was supposedly spending a whole day at a friend’s house, when mom got a big surprise, shopping in the nearby city. She was window shopping in a mildly busy area, when she noticed three young girls coming out of an ice-cream parlor. She had to look twice to make sure that one of them was indeed her daughter. Maria was wearing a short red sleeveless dress, which she must have borrowed from a friend, because she didn’t own anything so frivolous. She had her long hair down, and made it swing by shaking her head. The three girls also wore quite a bit of makeup, and were getting a lot of looks from young and older men. A gust of wind caught under the girls’ dresses, and Maria wasn’t quick enough to pull her dress down. For a brief moment her mom, and everyone else who was watching, got a good look of Maria’s white panties. The girls were clearly not embarrassed, but giggling even more than they were before. Mom felt ashamed for her daughter, and on the way home she was getting more and more angry about the way Maria had been behaving and exposing herself, and certainly not acting “properly” for a decent catholic girl from her town. On the way home she thought of an appropriate punishment for such behavior…

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When Maria got home her makeup was gone, and she had traded the short red dress for the longer and more modest flowery dress she had left home in right after breakfast. Her hair was in a single braid, also like it was when she left. Mother asked what Maria and her friends had been doing, and sure enough, one lie after another added to mom’s anger and disappointment in how Maria had betrayed her trust. She soon lost it…

“Enough lies already. I saw you and your friends in the city. You were dressed like a slut! You were showing your underwear like only a slut would! And you had on more makeup than a hooker!” (That was an exaggeration. It wasn’t that much makeup.) “For sixteen years I have been trying to raise you to be a responsible young woman. For sixteen years I have been hoping you would be getting ready to meet a nice young man who would love you and treat you well, and whom you could learn to please the way I’ve been pleasing your father. And what have I achieved? You are acting like a slut, and attracting looks from all the man, not for your own beauty and charm, but for the outrageous way you dress, for the way you show your underwear, and for the makeup covering your face. Well, I’m not having it anymore. If you can’t show your true beauty in a respectable way, you don’t deserve it. You are not ready for meeting a man in a long time, so I’ll make sure you won’t be attracting a man’s attention in a long time.” Maria looked like she wanted to either protest or beg, but mom cut her short. “Don’t you dare say a word. You can either take the punishment you deserve, or you can fight it, and you’ll be grounded for the whole summer!”

Maria wasn’t sure what to do, but decided to accept what was coming to her, whatever it was. She was sobbing a bit; the happy, giggling and flirting girl from just a few hours back was further away than ever. First, mom took Maria to her room and had her strip completely. She took the panties Maria had been wearing, and tore them up. Then she ordered Maria to get her all her other panties, and tore all of them up as well. “You won’t be showing your panties to anyone anymore. And don’t you dare buy any new ones or borrow some from a friend. You won’t be wearing any panties anymore until I decide you have learned how to wear a dress in a proper way without exposing yourself.” Next she ordered Maria to lay down on her back on the bed, her legs spread wide. She stepped out to her own room, and came back with some combs, scissors, and electric clippers. The clippers made a loud clack when they were turned on. With a few strokes, Maria’s thick bush, so typical for Hispanic women, was reduced to stubble. And mom explicitly forbid her to shave it off completely. She might otherwise start to like being smoothly shaved down there. The stubble would be a reminder that Maria was not yet ready to take pride in her large Hispanic patch of pubic hair.

While Maria was still laying down, the clippers also reduced her eyebrows to stubble, and here also she was not allowed to shave or pluck them. Mom would buzz Maria’s bush and eyebrows every week for at least the whole summer, but maybe longer, until she decided Maria would be worth growing it back.

Then Maria had to keep her eyes loosely closed, while mom cut her long eyelashes as short as she could. With the eyes opened again mom cut the lower lashes very short as well.

Next Maria was ordered to sit on a chair. It was a metal chair with a plastic seat and back, which all felt very cold to her naked body. Maria was already so much in a daze of disbelief that she didn’t show any reaction anymore when mom moved the clippers over her head, with long strokes, until the braid was completely severed from her head. “If you’re a good girl and do what you are told you can start growing your hair again. But make as much as one wrong move and the clippers come out again!”

Mom left Maria, sitting naked on the chair, with her room in a mess, pubic hair on the bed, braid in her lap, and torn up panties all over the place. She took the flowery dress with her without saying another word. Maria just sat there for a long time, crying, looking in the mirror in disbelief. It was such a sobering sight, no head hair, virtually no eyebrows and no eyelashes, and no more pubic hair either. Sure she would still attract a lot of looks, but only because she was a freak. Her friends wouldn’t want to be seen with her anymore. She wasn’t grounded, but didn’t have anywhere to go either.

About an hour later mom came back and told Maria to go take a shower and freshen up. Maria walked over to the bathroom, a broken girl. Reality set in when the water hit her bald head, a sensation she never felt before. Had she wanted to be bald she would have enjoyed this very much. Now it only made her even more miserable.

When Maria came out of the bathroom mom had cleaned up her room and laid out the flowery dress for her to wear, but nothing else. Maria was surprised to find that when she slipped the dress over her head, she found that it was four to five inches shorter than before. It couldn’t have been any longer than the red dress she had been wearing that afternoon. But now she didn’t have any underwear anymore. The dress felt so airy. Maria was scared, even just thinking of going out dressed like this, but it also gave her a bit of a naughty feeling. If only she had not been bald she could have learned to feel sexy not wearing underwear.

Maria came down to the living room. Mom, standing at the bottom of the stairs, saw straight up her dress. “Maria, you have taken your punishment very well. I’m not going to ground you. It is best for you to face up to going out the way you look right away. Go to your friends now, and be back in an hour for dinner.” The situation was bad enough; school would start in less than two months, and Maria certainly wanted mom to let her grow her hair until then, so she didn’t dare argue with mom, and went straight to her friend’s house, knowing she would be the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood for a long time to come…



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