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Loosen Up

Loosen Up – Dubya

Bob and Carol had been dating for several years. The expression, opposites attract, could have been written with them in mind. Bob was a free spirit, spur of t

Wonder Babe and M’yla

Wonder Babe and M’yla by Ransom King

It had taken M’yla a few months to set up the confrontation between Wonder Babe and herself. She would have her revenge against the super-he

Morgan’s Basketball Bet

Morgan’s Basketball Bet – Evil_Corvette

Morgan and Matt had always been in a sort of friendly rivalry during basketball season, always comparing individual stats along with the

Mr. Missy

Mr. Missy

Missy walked in the door, as usual in her normal chipper mode. Her mistress enjoyed this usually, but as of late was growing a bit tired. Missy was becoming increasing

Susan’s Summer Job


“What have I gotten myself into?” Susan asked herself as she stepped off the bus at the entrance to the barracks that would be her home for the next three mont

Willing Deception

Willing Deception – Dreadlocks

Cindy stopped to adjust her hair in the mirror as she had a hundred times as she was walking out the door. Her dirty blonde hair reached nearly to


Trapped – Chi4242

We were all having a great time sitting around the table and eating dinner at my Aunt Betty’s and Uncle Lou’s house. It was my Mom, myself and my sister, Betty

Definite Newsflash

A Definite Newsflash by Geneva

I realized that my days at the local television in Houston, Texas were getting rather long and hard at times for me to be the leading television di

Friendly Barber

A Friendly Game of “Truth or Dare” by Chilli TNG (c) 2002, Chilli TNG

Jane was studying, as usual. College was much, much harder than she had expected it to be, and she was havi