P.J. Shearer’s Secret Revealed

P.J. Shearer’s Secret Revealed By Da Marsh

Author’s note: This story contains sexual content, female head and body depilation, and some mild defeminization. If you can’t handle

Fear Remembered – Part II

Fear remember – Part II By Jim B.

I could hardly believe it had been that long, thirty-three years.

Those times I would wash my hair hoping something would make the ends nice a


The Sleepover – by J

We were pubescent girls, embarking upon a world of makeup and boys. Hormones and emotions ran wild in our group of thirteen-year-old girls. The very sight o

Silent Anne

Silent Anne – DLBARGRILL

Kevin was a client who used to come in every six weeks to get his hair cut. He was likable enough, although I felt he spent far too much time talking abo

My Class Reunion

My Class Reunion – Tiara

High School was never my cup of tea. Going back to attend my ten-year class reunion seemed out of the question, yet something kept me from shredding tha

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The following story pays homage to and explores a shared fantasy. A tenacious motif in stories about haircuts deals with surrendering body and self-image into the hands of anothe

Hairstyles Revisited

Hairstyles Revisited – Hairscribe

It was a month ago when I decided that it was time for my hair to be trimmed. My hair was one length and quite long, reaching halfway down my b

She Cried Wolf

She cried wolf By Jim B.

Connie was a gal who liked to play games with her friends, mostly when they had a few too many to drink. The games were not that off beat, simple ones wh

Price of Stardom

The Price of Stardom by Sabrina S.

Nathalie Rourke burst through the front door, whooping loudly. “Darling! I got the part!”

Her husband, Robert, grinned. “Thought you would, y