LngHairLvr by AnitaTrim

The first thing I noticed as I entered our house was how quiet it was inside. I closed and locked the front door and put my bags down in the hall. As is

Andrea’s Australian Adventure

The Qantas plane had landed smoothly, and amongst the visitors to the great continent of Australia was Andrea, a woman with a fantastic smile, sensuous eyes, plus she was known to

Cupid & Psyche

Cupid & Psyche by HeadBoy

“Cupid don’t draw back your bow, Sam Cooke didn’t know what I know” •Jakob Dylan

It was a mythic day, long ago, when Psyche was a princess so beautifu

My Encounter With Amanda

My Encounter with Amanda by Sean O’Hare


As I turned the corner I was confronted by an unexpected sight. Gone was the familiar, slightly run-down appearance of J

Sian, With the Golden Curls

Sian, with the golden curls by Sean O’Hare


I heard the bell over the door chime, and looked into the shop from the room at the back where I was grabbing a quick lunch now

Tough Times in Little League

Tough Times in Little League by Shornlocks

It was definitely the low-point of Brenda Mitchell’s Little League career. The 13-year-old right fielder, who just two years ago had br

Clipper Cut for Diane


Diane sat nervously on the waiting bench while her friend walked over to the barber chair. How did she let herself get talked into this, she wonde

Sticky Babysitting Job

A story embellished from the true experience of a friend.

A Sticky Babysitting Job – PT Cutter

I have a babysitting story to relate. It was more years ago than I wish to discus

That Old Familiar Feeling

That Old Familiar Feeling by Sabrina S. and Sean O’Hare

“OK Sally, so that’s at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning with Jill. And that’s for just a wash and a trim.”

“Er, thanks… ye