Duty Calls

Duty Calls – Mr Snip

There I was getting ready to watch my usual Monday night television schedule. A little wresting with a little history channel.

Then my wife came in and sai

Jaclyn Gets Caught

Jaci Gets Caught – Jaci

Jaclyn went to Samantha’s house for a couple of minutes before Samantha took Jaclyn to her brother’s for the weekend so they could hang out since her bes

Carrie’s Cut


“God, I hate studying for tests,” Carrie complained from her seat at the desk in Tara’s room. She stretched out her arms, let out a sigh, and plunked her head onto t

Linda’s Story


Lisa had done a lot of crazy things in her life, but perhaps this time she had gone too far. It all started this morning, when Lisa’s boyfriend, Ron, stopped by before going

Free Crewcut

A Free Crewcut by Barber Jos

I am just staring at the pictures in my history book, pictures of the roaring twenties in Germany. There is a photograph of a barbershop with a row

Time and Again

Time and Again By Barbera

The summer I turned 14 I went to get my hair cut. I would always go to my mother’s hairdresser since this was a small town and there were only two choic

Game Show

The Game Show

The near future…

You luxuriate in the stylist’s chair, enjoying the feeling of being pampered as the stylist gently brushes your long blonde hair until it falls

3, 2, 1, Lose it All

Caroline’s hand flipped the remote again, rewind, freeze frame… Oh the look on that poor girl’s face. It was late afternoon, already getting dark at this time of the year, and fa

Bleach and Buzz Cult


It started with her sister. And then that guy on AOL with his alluring stories about buzz cuts. Nicole was hurtling towards the chair, burning hotter by

Marsha’s Little Sister


Marsha and I (my name is Tom) were living together at the time. Marsha was twenty-three years old with a great figure (she worked out