Shorn by Sean

Shorn by Sean by Sabrina S.

Darcey’s been going out with Sean for six months when she realises he’s a bit different to the other men she’s dated. Sure, her previous boyfriends loved touching and playing with her long, wavy brown hair, but Sean plays to excess, plaiting her hair, unplaiting it, putting it up for her when they go out, brushing it, shampooing it, blow-drying it. It’s like having her own personal hairdresser, except Sean’s an engineer and never worked in a salon or barbershop.

And now, Sean’s telling her she needs a haircut. He, who seems fixated on her long brown locks, is asking her how she’d feel about cutting it short.

“Why?” asks Darcey, bemused, feeling a tug on her hair. Sean is brushing it, as he does every night while they watch TV. He’s found a knot and is now patiently untangling it with nimble fingers.

“There’s something about women with long hair who cut it short that really turns me on,” Sean confesses. He does this with all his women. Darcey is by no means the first long-haired lady Sean has dated and then persuaded to get cropped. “It’s the sight of all that hair falling to the floor, and the feeling when you run your hands through hair that was once long, and is now short. Helluva turn on.” The knot is untangled and Sean is brushing once more. He waits for her reaction. Either an interested “OK, let’s try it, this could be sexy,” or “You’re weird! I’m not cutting my hair for anyone.”

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Darcey considers. She has had short hair before, and it rather suits her pixie face. But she’s spent five years growing and tending these lovely healthy locks.

“It’s coming onto summer,” Sean says persuasively. “Don’t you get hot with all that hair?” Sean’s hair is quite short. He cuts it himself with clippers, and it feels like a soft brush when Darcey touches his head. In summer it’s a number two, in winter a number four. He often persuades his girlfriends to cut it for him, and they usually wind up having great sex afterwards. Sean just adores cutting hair, either his own or someone else’s.

“Ye-e-s,” says Darcey hesitantly.

Sean lifts up her hair and blows on the back of her neck. “Wouldn’t you like your neck to be cool this summer?”

“I can put my hair up for that,” Darcey says playfully. Slowly she’s coming round to the idea. So what if her hair’s short? It’ll grow again. And with her lifestyle – gym after work, swimming at weekends – it’s not a bad idea after all. But she’ll let Sean beg for it! “I suppose you want to come to the hairdresser with me and watch it get chopped off,” she giggles.

“I want to do the chopping,” Sean murmurs.

Darcey jumps. “But…. You’re not a hairdresser! You don’t know how to cut hair!” She pulls away from him.

“I cut mine,” Sean points out. “I won’t do a bad job, I promise! Just trust me! If you don’t like it you can go to a hairdresser and get it fixed up afterwards.”

“But your hair’s really short,” Darcey protests. “Is that how short you’d like to cut mine?” She glares at him, pupils huge in her eyes.

Sean’s hair is in its number four stage, and in need of a trim. It’s the longest it’s been in ages. Sean grins.

He lies. “No, of course not. I was thinking long layers on top and cut into the nape of your neck at the back.”

“Oh.” Darcey considers this. She’s had a similar style in her short hair days and knows it’s easy to grow out. She could cope with it.

Sean says: “Why don’t we do a deal? You cut my hair first, because I need a trim. Then you’ll realise it’s not hard to do and you’ll trust me with yours.” This usually works for first-timers.

Interestedly, Darcey brushes her hand over Sean’s hair. She hasn’t seen him with his summer haircut yet. “How do I cut it?” she wonders aloud, unaware she’s committed herself.

“With clippers,” Sean says. “It’s really easy. You can’t stuff it up because the clippers have guards on them for various lengths of hair. All the hair gets cut to the same length. You just run the clippers all over my head.” He’s getting a hard on just talking about it. Sean shifts on the sofa and adjusts his jeans inconspicuously.

Darcey is tempted. She sees Sean’s arousal despite his attempts at hiding it, and realises some super sex might be in the offing. “Okay, I’ll cut your hair,” she says, running her fingers into his thick, almost-black brush of hair.

Sean grins, feeling his heart rate quicken. “Stay there.” He brings a chair from the dining table and sits it on the wooden floorboards in the living room, then collects his haircutting kit from the back of the vanity cupboard in the bathroom.

“Here?” says Darcey, surprised. “Why don’t we do it in the bathroom, where you can watch what I’m doing in the mirror?”

Sean knows that if he can persuade her to let him crop her, she’ll get upset if she sees what he’s doing in the bathroom mirror. “It’s about sensations,” he says. “I’d rather not watch, but feel what you’re doing. It puts a whole new dimension on a haircut. The clippers feel great on your head.” While he’s talking he’s changing the guard from 4 to 2, and oiling the blades.

Sean sits down, and Darcey clips the plastic cape around his neck. He hands her the clippers and she takes them awkwardly, examining them to see how they work. She switches them on – they buzz quietly – and Sean is glad he’s got the cape over his crotch. For him, it’s one of the most erotic sounds in the world, second only to the harsh noise the clippers make when they are actually cutting hair.

Darcey contemplates Sean’s head, unsure where to start. Sean gives her no direction, sitting still in anticipation and wondering where Darcey will clip first. He has a theory: the women who start at his forehead, boldly clipping the top of his head, are usually the least inhibited when it comes to having their own hair cut. The ones who start at the back are unsure, careful, conservative, figuring that they can always leave the hair on top of his head a bit longer if the back looks too short for their liking.

Darcey goes for the kill, placing the clippers against his forehead and pushing them back into his hair. Sean sighs in satisfaction, and abandons himself to the sensations.

“It’s very short,” says Darcey, sounding worried.

“That’s fine,” Sean reassures her. “Just keep going. It feels fantastic!”

Darcey does. At first she uses short strokes, clipping an inch or two at a time. For Sean it’s tantalising, but he would like to feel the clippers zooming through his hair. Darcey builds up confidence, and as she clips a final path over the top it’s a good one, all the way to the crown. Then she’s carefully cutting away the hair at the side of his head, and Sean watches in satisfaction as tufts fall onto his cape. She’s at the back now, and Sean almost squirms in ecstasy as she lays the clippers against his neck and clips up the back of his head. He says, “Wonderful!” and “You should try this….it feels great against your skin!’

It takes about ten slightly hesitant minutes for Darcey to cut Sean’s hair satisfactorily. By then he is close to climax, but fights it. He has to wait, and lure his prey into the chair.

He runs his hands over his clippered head in satisfaction. “Perfect! Now, what can I do for you?

“Er…” Darcey puts the clippers down. “I don’t know about this.”

“You trust me, don’t you?”

“Ye-e-s.” But Darcey unconsciously fingers her hair. Then she thinks, what the hell, and sits in the chair.

Sean tries to curb his excitement, and fastens the cape around her neck with exaggerated patience and care, lifting out her fall of hair and giving it one last brush.

Darcey’s heart is thudding. This is all a bit weird for her liking! But this is what love and trust is all about, she thinks.

She feels Sean gather all her hair up into a ponytail. He is holding it out, a few inches back from her crown. It pulls a little.

Then Sean takes his long-bladed scissors, and starts to cut through the hair just below where he is holding it.

Darcey hears the blades against her hair and feels a tug. “What?” This is all a bit sudden. She thought he’d cut it off a little at a time, so she could tell him to stop. But no, a hank of hair has been cut free and falls just below Darcey’s jawline.

As Sean keeps cutting – and it’s hard work, Darcey’s hair is so thick – more hair swings loose around Darcey’s neck.

Darcey is silent, captive, while her boyfriend hacks through the rope of hair, then suddenly the tugging sensation is over and her hair is several inches shorter.

Sean looks lovingly at the ponytail he has cut off. He strokes it before laying it down on the coffee table.

Darcey looks at it and gulps. “That’s it, then? You’ve finished?” she says in relief. Heaven knows what she looks like. She thinks her hair must be all ragged ends and rough layers. Never mind, her hairdresser can fix it.

Sean grins to himself. He hasn’t even started!

“Not quite,” he says reassuringly. “I have to tidy it up and cut just a little more off it. Remember I said long on top and short underneath?” He runs his hands through her hair, liking the blunt feel of the ends. Dry cut hair always feels thick on the ends, very satisfying.

He says, in a non-committal voice: “Do you mind if I use the clippers? Only it’ll be much neater at the back.”

Darcey has come this far. She remembers Sean’s pleasure at the sensation of the clippers running through his hair, and wonders idly what it feels like.

“As long as you don’t cut it as short as yours,” she agrees finally.

Paydirt! “I won’t,” Sean promises, only he’s got his fingers crossed.

He changes the guard on the clippers to the largest he can find, and shows it to her. She nods, half looking forward to the experiment, half dreading it.

Delicately Sean pushes Darcey’s head forward until her chin is almost touching her chest. “Easier to get under your hair,” he explains. Her hacked off hair is now above her collar, and it will be easy for Sean to push the clippers into it.

Sean flicks the clippers on and stifles a groan as he hears the “click/bzzzzz”. Darcey is nervous, he knows, so he has to be confident and calm, and control himself until the shearing is over and they tumble into bed.

He steadies Darcey’s warm head with one hand, and nuzzles her nape with the clippers, not cutting her hair yet, just letting her get used to them.

Like clipping a horse for the first time, Sean thinks idly. In his childhood he stayed at his uncle’s farm on holidays, and that was how it all started… the fascination as he watched his uncle clip his hunters. Tufts of hair falling to the ground, with the clipped hair left on the animal’s skin so short you couldn’t grab it between finger and thumb. Sean, at eleven, had borrowed the clippers and clipped his own head then his sister’s waist-length plaits that night. He still remembers the punishment he received. He couldn’t sit down for a week!

Dismissing his memories, Sean turns his attention again to Darcey. She gasps as she feels the vibrating clippers against her skin.

“How does that feel?” Sean murmurs, stroking the top of her head with his other hand.

“N-nice,” says Darcey hesitantly, as if she is exploring the sensation.

Slowly, slowly, Sean pushes the clippers into Darcey’s thick hair, and watches in satisfaction as the first locks fall away. The clippers crackle as they bite into her hair; a sweet, sweet sound. He only clips an inch up the back of her neck, then switches off the clippers.

“Feel,” he offers, and Darcey brings up a hand and touches the shorn hair. She tugs at it, relieved it seems almost an inch long. “Okay,” she says, and her fate is sealed.

Unseen by Darcey, Sean changes the guard on the blades to a number two, and switches the clippers back on again.

Darcey’s head is still forward, her nape inviting and naked, the “m” of her hairline not quite revealed as the hair is still too long.

Sean soon fixes that. He clips over the part he has already clipped, taking it short enough so he can see her white skin through it.

Beautiful, he thinks, flicking the hair off the blades. Steadying her head with a firm hand, he places the clippers against her neck and this time clips up to the occipital bone, right up the middle of the back of her head.

“My head feels cold,” Darcey says. “You must be cutting it very short.”

“It looks great,” Sean says truthfully, avoiding the accusation adroitly. Before she has the chance to feel her much shorter hair, he clips another path next to the first, getting excited as more inches drop away to lie on the floor in useless tufts. “Just feel the sensations. Enjoy it.”

Darcey closes her eyes. She admits, yes, it does feel good. Especially when he starts down at her nape, which is extremely sensitive. The harsh sound of the clippers is rather alien – she has never had clipper-cut hair before – but it doesn’t pull or tug or hurt.

Sean places a hand over her clipped hair, and Darcey gasps at the sensation of his skin against hers. Now her hair is so short his hand feels extremely warm.

“Can I cut it a bit higher?” he asks gently. “Up the back of your head?” He caresses her clippered hair tenderly, loving the feel of it, and running his fingers up into the longer hair. The transition of touching clipped and then long is almost unbearably sexy. For both of them, Sean realises as Darcey groans in pleasure.

“Yes,” Darcey whispers. She can hardly believe she’s getting on by this, but she is, she can feel it. Sean’s fingers ruffling her hairline are driving her insane! Is this what he feels when I touch his hair? she wonders.

Then she feels the clippers at her head again. This time Sean pushes them all the way up to her crown, and Darcey feels a mixed rush of dismay and pleasure. Sean feels absolute delight as he watches her locks drop away.

“I thought you were leaving it long on top,” she protests.

“I thought you were enjoying this,” Sean counters.

“I am, but…” Darcey stops. She doesn’t know what to do. He’s cut a swathe all the way up the back. He really has no choice but to continue, she realises. “Okay, but go easy, huh?”

Licence to clip! Sean thinks triumphantly, and applies himself to the task. He places the clippers at her nape again and runs them all the way up the back, next to the path already cut. When they meet the long hair the clippers snarl and crackle with the effort.

Sean loves the shape of her head, hidden until now with her long hair. Darcey has a beautiful skull and lovely hairline, and Sean wants to reveal it.

One more pass and hair at the back of Darcey’s head is now only a quarter of an inch long, buzzed to perfection.

There’s lots left to do, Sean thinks gleefully. He straightens her head and tenderly pushes the clippers up behind his girlfriend’s left ear.

Darcey gasps as she sees her hair fall onto her lap. There’s lots of it from just that one pass with the clippers. “Sean – ”

“It’s okay,” Sean reassures her. “You’ll look gorgeous. Trust me. You were made for short hair.” This is his standard line. Even in a state of arousal such as he was in now, he can still trot the line out without thinking.

Darcey doesn’t have much choice, and abandons herself to the clippers. She is beginning to savour the feeling against her scalp as her hair is cropped. Even if the amount falling on her lap is alarming, how it got there is at once soporific and exciting.

Not meeting her eyes, but concentrating solely on her hair, Sean moves the clippers to her cheek. As they buzz in front of her ears and up her temple she closes her eyes and feels the hair fall past her face. She is aware that it no longer tickles her cheeks and jawline. One side of her face now feels clean and fresh, if a bit cool.

Sean moves to the other side of her head, controlling his breathing as he contemplates what’s left of the rough bob swinging against her jaw.

He places the clippers in front of her right ear and mows the hair as neatly as turf on a golf green, up to the top of her temples. He makes himself move slowly now, relishing the last long hair on the side of her head before he persuades her to let him crop the top close.

Sean runs his fingers through the hair behind her ears, lifting it away from her head and then sliding the clippers into it, reducing it to stubble.

He strokes her clipped hair tenderly, and Darcey moans, unable to stifle it. His hands feel so GOOOOOD against her head. Sean runs his fingers up into the longer hair on top of her head, and tugs at it gently.

“May I?” He brushes it back from her forehead. “May I cut this off too?”

Darcey is so turned on she’s almost sliding off the chair. “Yes,” she murmurs. She brings her hands up and touches her own head, not noticing just quite how short her hair has been cropped, marvelling at how warm her hands are against her skin. She pushes her fingers through her fringe for the last time, closes her eyes and waits for Sean to turn the clippers on again.

Click! Bzzzz!

Sean steadies his girlfriend’s head and places the clippers against her forehead. Darcey’s eyes are closed, her lips parted. She has never looked so beautiful as he draws the clippers back through her hair and shears it down to stubble.

Darcey gives an involuntary shudder of delight as Sean goes straight down the middle, clipping a path that meets with the cropped hair at her crown. Her forehead feels naked without the bulk of its fringe. Two more passes and the last of Darcey’s hair has been shorn, shaken from the clippers to fall on the floor in a soft blanket.

Sean switches off the clippers and almost flings them onto the table. He lifts Darcey from the chair and places her on the floor, laying her on the carpet of her hair. At the moment, she is his slave and willing to be so.

He reaches under the cape, unzips her jeans and wrenches them off. Darcey touches her cropped hair disbelievingly and sensually, and it is all Sean can do to get his own jeans unzipped.

Then he takes her with animal satisfaction on the bed of hair.


Darcey is astonished at how many times Sean can get aroused in one night by the simple act of giving her a haircut. Sated and exhausted, she falls asleep – in his bed, this time, not on the floor – at two in the morning. Her head feels naked and he still hasn’t let her look in a mirror. But she loves the feeling of her cropped head. And Sean’s own, which she has clipped herself. Nuzzling his crewcut, she has a dreamless sleep. She is content and believes that he must love her very much.

Sean, too, is sated, but not the way Darcey thinks. It’s not so much the sex, but the act of clipping. He’s had her in bed for months, now he’s had her hair. The thrill of the chase, for Sean, is over. After tonight, she won’t interest him any more. Sad, but true. He’s had the ultimate sexual experience cutting off her hair, and although her crewcut is a turn on, it won’t last.

He listens to Darcey’s contented breathing as she sleeps. Somehow, when they wake, he’ll break it off. She may even do it for him when she catches sight of herself in the mirror and realises just how short he’s shorn her glorious hair.

And there is a girl where Sean works in whom he’s had a growing interest. She has hair to her waist, long and luscious and silky blonde…

The end


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