Forced Haircuts

B.A.L.D. – Kristen’s Gifts

B.A.L.D. – Kristen’s Gifts

when I cut Jacqui’s hair she was obviously inspired my efforts and keen to get her own hands-on experience (see Emma’s haircut). Jacqui had recently separated from her husband and

Conversion of Catherine

Conversion of Catherine

The Conversion of Catherine by Big Cropper

When I first met Cathy I didn’t fancy her. The 23-year-old had just arrived to be my lodger and rang the doorbell to introduce herself

Vacation to Remember

Vacation to Remember

A Vacation to Remember – VaMurimi

I had just walked in the door, when I heard the phone ringing. My housemates were all on spring break. I was the unlucky one: I had a job. I dr

Tammy’s Trip to the Hospital

Tammy’s Trip to the Hospital

This Story contains female headshaving, humiliation, enemas, and some nasty language. If this is a problem or you are under age —DON’T READ IT—-

Tammy’s Trip to the Hospital

Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part II

Lisa s Hair Adventure Part II

While Lisa was brushing her new shoulder length style, I opened the perm kit. She said to use the small rods in the front and the larger ones in the

Bad, Bad Boy

The cat cruised across the lawn, a lion’s stroll as it surveyed its domain, but then froze as a shadowed form passed across the glitter of the kitchen window.

Alisia turned the ma

Grandma’s For the Summer

Grandma’s for the summer – Chi4545

Carrie was new in Forest High School. She and Joan had become good friends during their senior year. They did almost everything together, so as

My Very Own Story

I was recently asked some questions about myself on the hotline following the postings of the stories of my experiences and those that have been related to me over the years. Well

Demon Barber

The Demon Barber by Sabrina S

Karen and I had longed to be invited to join Cyboids since we were in junior high, almost two years ago. Cyboids was an extremely private club, the