Forced Haircuts

Leslie’s Barbershop Visit

Leslie’s Barbershop Visit – Blade03

When I was young I used to get my hair cut in the barbershop, like all the guys in town. It wasn’t unusual to see a female with short hair ge


Marines – Kelli21257 & Anonimus00

Anonimus00: Panties too!
KELLI21257: I cringe…finally reaching down and slowly pulling my panties down my legs…and putting them on the chair

Senior Power

Senior Power – Bald and Proud

My voyage across this continent continues, and so do the interesting interludes of sitting and talking with other bald-by-choice people. In the sou

Just a Little Bit Shorter

Just a Little Shorter By Dreadlocks

August was almost over and summer was in its final heatwave before school started. All the boys would be hitting the barber shops again for th

Warm Afternoon

A Warm Afternoon by Newday

It was the middle of August and I had been riding by bicycle for hours when I decided it was time to go home. Sweat was dripping off the end of my nos

Beth’s Little Barber Shop

I looked at the phone as it rang. It was 3:45 in the afternoon. The June sun shone brightly outside my office window. I debated for a moment, then picked it up. “Turn off the compu


Jon1717835: you’re sitting by a bunch of guys and their wives they are staring and you love it
Jon1717835: your friend looks like Pamela Anderson but with bigger tits
KELLI21257: s

Big Break

Big Break by Ex Dutch

Sarah was a model. Well… not a supermodel or anything, but she modeled for some small catalogs. She just had not met the right people to break away from

Baseball Haircut

I was seven years old when I got my first haircut at a barbershop. It was the first of many to follow. But the first one was not my choice, nor what my mother wanted.

You see I wa

Vicky’s Surprise

Vicky’s Surprise by Sean O’Hare

“Vicky! Oh Vicky, what have you done to your hair?”

It’s true that I had been suggesting that Vicky get her hair tidied a little, but she seemed