Blair the Witch’s Project

Blair the Witch’s Project by ‘X’

Janis was hiking alone. Her busy schedule finally freed up enough time for her to get away. Away from the endless streams of men who she thought were eying her voluptous form, away from the women she thought were all jealous of her beauty. She wanted no contact with anyone else, and the hills of Southern Kentucky were ideal refuge.

It was amazingly hot and humid on the morning of her third day out. So hot that her clothes were soon drenched in sweat and clung uncomfortably to her body. She’d been hoping the humidity would subside, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. A thick fog hung all around.

“Damn! This is ridiculous!” she said as she stopped to wring out her headband. She wiped some sweat from her eyes and looked around. If there really was a ‘middle of nowhere’, this was it. Though it looked like she was the first person in the area in a hundred years, she was having no trouble making her way along.

Finally, after peeling her shorts out of her sweaty ass for the 5th time, she figured “What the fuck? It’s too damn hot for these clothes! Besides…” she reasoned stepping from her shorts, “It’s not like anyone is going to see me!”

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She brushed her full thick bush with the shorts then tossed them over her shoulder. “Might as well take it all off!” she laughed as she peeled off her soaked T-shirt. Out plunged her massive 38DDs. “WOOOO!” she yelled as she shook them free from their constraints. As hot as it was, this was a lot easier to deal with. She started to put her clothes in her backpack, but since they were all wet, she just tossed them away. She had more, anyway.

Moving on in only her hiking boots, Janis thought of what a turn-on it was being stark naked in the great outdoors. Her swinging tits, the light breeze blowing on her bare ass… she had to get off. Wandering through the fog, which was starting to lift, Janis rubbed her free hand over her snatch and gently caressed herself. Pretty soon it became evident that she needed to stop walking and ‘do’ herself right. None too soon, she found herself at a flowing mountain stream. This would be her camp for the night. It was too hot to continue any further today, she thought.

After laying out her sleeping bag and setting up camp, Janis returned to the main reason she wanted to stop in the first place, as she clutched her sweaty pussy and began her ‘session’. Gracefully, her fingers slid through her thick pubic hair and deep into her sex. “Oooooooohhhhyesssssss…” she moaned as her movement got faster and faster. With her free hand she lifted one of her big boobs up to her mouth and licked her stiffening nipple. Whether it was the day’s heat or her feverish fingering, Janis was soon absolutely soaked in sweat. She screamed as she came and bucked her hips about wildly. Her tits shook violently as she staggered herself over to the stream, pausing only briefly to grab a couple things from her backpack. A small can of shaving cream and a razor. “Time to do a little grass mowing!” she said, squatting down in the water to wet her snatch, then taking a seat on a rock in the middle of the stream. It took tremendous restraint on her part not to again bury her fingers as she rubbed a generous amount of shaving cream on her pubic mound. Though thickly covered, Janis opted to skip the scissors and went straight in with her little pink razor. Moving gently around the sides and gradually working her way in, she began stroking away her crotch hair. Each time the razor became full, she’d shake the foam and fuzz away in the water.

Oblivious to anything other than her beaver barbering. Not giving care one to the fact that she was polluting the purity of the mountain stream.

Meanwhile, a half mile down stream, a young witch named Blair was washing some of her vegetables for her evening meal. The strange white foam caught her attention first… the she noticed the hair. It clung to her food in a most disgusting way! Grasping a quantity of the hair in her hand, a furious Blair closed her eyes and was transported to the source. She’d had enough of this careless camper!

She was now standing a few feet away from Janis, who had finished shaving and was now washing her bald twat playfully in the stream. She couldn’t see Blair, who’d rendered herself invisible. She stood there angrily watching her stream being ‘soiled’ by the big-boobed brunette. Janis lay back on the rock and again began fingering her pussy. The final straw came when Janis did… and she peed in the stream at the same time! Janis found it terribly amusing as she screamed and giggled loudly. Blair was not amused in the least. When she was finished satisfying herself and using her make-shift toilet, Janis moved up stream a few yards, exiting it only briefly to retrieve a bottle of shampoo from her pack, which Blair was practically standing on!

Blair began reading Janis’s thoughts… “I am so damn sexy! This bald cunt makes me look really, really, REALLY hot! Shit… if they could only see me now!” she thought as she undid her ponytail and wet down her long brown hair. Blair had to stop reading Janis’s mind – all she was thinking about was how good she looked! True, she did look good, but vanity had a firm grip on the young woman. Blair found her weakness.

As Janis went about mucking up the stream with her chemicals and stray hairs, Blair smiled and waved her hands. “No hair on your sex makes you attractive? Well I’ll just make you EXTRA-attractive! Take this you trollop!”

Completely unknown to her, the hair began dropping off Janis’ head at an amazing rate. Instead of falling into the water, it was floating gently…invisibly, into her backpack. In less than five minutes, Janis was completely bald-headed! Still unaware, since Blair took the trick a step further. Janis could still ‘feel’ her hair and would ‘see’ it in a mirror or in reflections. She wouldn’t realize it was gone from her head until someone said the word ‘bald’… at which time it would become permanent! Only her eyebrows remained.

Janis finished up and ‘brushed her hair’, even though it was now non-existent. Blair then cast another spell on her. Though she’d think she was getting dressed, Janis would, in fact, remain nude. Again, not to be noticed until it was pointed out. The nudity would not be permanent, though Blair seriously considered giving her a nasty allergy to any kind of fabric. This was enough. Finally, she put one more idea in the bald beauty’s head… she’d head for home in the morning.

The next day, Janis awoke, tied her ‘hair’ back into its ponytail, ‘got dressed’, and set out for home. The hike back seemed a lot quicker than the one in. It didn’t matter, she was relieved of the stress that had sent her off on this trip, and was genuinely relaxed. Her huge unrestrained tits shook from side to side as she walked. Her totally bald head glistened brilliantly with sweat in the mid-morning sun. She could feel a throbbing in her pussy, but decided to wait ’til she got home to get off.

She knew she was getting closer when she heard the voices of several college kids at a popular watering hole near where she parked. “Time to turn on the sex appeal and see if I can’t make a few of those co-eds jealous!” she thought to herself. Checking her make-up and hair in the mirror, Janis ‘un-buttoned’ the top three buttons of her invisible shirt. She rounded the corner shaking it as she’d done a thousand times before.

A heavy-set blonde was the first to notice her. “Holy shit… look at this!” she said as Janis approached their location. “GUYS? You wanna see something funny?” she yelled, alerting her friends. Janis didn’t understand the ‘funny’ remark, but continued her walk towards them.

“What’s happening, guys? You got a spare beer for a tired girl?” Janis said seductively. They stood in awe at what they were seeing. The girls tried to stifle their laughter. The guys were staring intently at her hanging hooters and other exposed assets!

“You need a beer? I don’t think so… looks like you’ve had enough already, Honey. Forget something? Say like… your clothes?” Karen smirked.

Janis chuckled. “Whatever are you… OH SHIT! WHAT THE?” She looked down and finally noticed she was nude. The whole group began laughing hysterically at her as she pulled off her backpack.

“Nice hairdo, too, Sinead! Looks like the rug definitely matches the drapes on this one!” one of the guys laughed.

“What? What the HELL are you talking about?” Janis said as she nervously fumbled with her pack to get out her clothes.

“You look like Miss Clean! What happened? You get in a fight with a wild razor up there? Ha ha haaaaa!” said another young woman.

“Yeah, lady! Hey – Bald is beautiful! Woooo! Somebody get a picture of this kinky little slut!” said the girl who’d first noticed her.

Janis’ hands flew up to her head. Instead of finding a lot of hair, she found only smooth bare skin! She ran her hands all over her scalp hoping to find it, but it was really gone! “OhmyGod! What’s happening to me? Don’t look! I… I’m BALD! How?” Janis wailed as they gathered around laughing. She continued to struggle to get her pack open, hoping to at least get some clothes. It finally opened. She went to dump it out. All that was inside was all of the hair from her head, the shaving cream and razor, and a few shriveled mushrooms!

“AHH! See? I told you those things would fuck you up!” one of the co-eds laughed. Janis’ eyes widened in sheer horror! Did she eat some of those mushrooms? She couldn’t remember! All she knew was she was totally bald, completely nude, and absolutely humiliated! Dodging their cameras and taunts, Janis grabbed her car keys out of the backpack and ran off screaming, trying futilely to ‘cover’ any of her newly exposed parts. They got quite a few shots of her. Blair sat in a tree unknown to everyone, watching with satisfaction. Janis wouldn’t be back to this neck of the woods!

“Let’s clean up our stuff and get out of here! I can’t wait to see how these pictures came out!” one of the co-eds said. Blair smiled and went back to her routine… just as she’d done for the last 300 years. It was an entirely different story for Janis!


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