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Toni watched from the door as Mr. and Mrs. Teaney pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street. She turned and shut the door and headed into the living room, f

Found Out

Found Out! By Ex Dutch

Lucy was typing on their computer one night when Bill was out of town. After she had saved her file, she noticed some strange file names on the computer.

Little Black Box

The Little Black Box – By Jhbablon

A wisp of smoke from rose from the tip of the soldering iron, as Jerry Pitnick finished making the last connection on his new invention. He pau

Accident in Holloywood

I was driving my BMW when I noticed a slow down on the freeway. ‘Damn,’ I said to myself, ‘now I wont be able to make the meeting.’ I reached for the cellular when I heard a screec

Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings by Sean O’Hare

“Good morning madam. How can we help you?”

“Er, hello. I’m, er, going to an important function with my firm tonight and I would to have my hair tr

Explain it to Me

Explain It To Me – Richard

I married a truly beautiful girl. A Pacific Islander, she is petite but well proportioned, with big dark eyes and silky, poker-straight jet black hair


The Wedge by: John of NYC Well I got this story from when I was giving a road trip on AOL. I met this girl that we really connected. She was my age and told me about what happened

Fear Remembered – Part III

Fear Remembered – Part III By Jim B.

I looked at the picture. The woman had black hair but you could still see how short her hair was cut. It was as short as my brother’s hair w

Mr. Missy

Mr. Missy

Missy walked in the door, as usual in her normal chipper mode. Her mistress enjoyed this usually, but as of late was growing a bit tired. Missy was becoming increasing