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Phil’s Narrative

Phil’s Narrative

It seems that it was about two years ago that I met Jenny. I needed a haircut, my job would not accept shaggy people, and the haircut place she co-owned was hand

Kim’s Cut

Somewhere in the Midwest…

My sister, Kim, was three years older than me. She was sixteen and I was thirteen, and perhaps out of spite for one another we had grown to become alm

Stylist’s Choice

The Stylist’s Choice by Hair-Raiser

Kathy was feeling pretty good. It had taken some time, but she’d finally persuaded Carol to go for a bob. Carol’s hair fell to the middle of h

Nathalie’s Punishment

Nathalie’s Punishment

It was a hot summer day in our small little town, the type of day where the heat begins to build up one’s frustrations. Nathalie and I have been married for

Sun Toi, Part II

Sun Toi Part II by Daphne

As related in the first part of this recollection, Sun Toi was a girl who I met one night while working at my job as a bus driver. She was a petite Asi

And Then There was None

When I was fourteen years old I was somewhat mature for my age. I had discovered my sexuality and I knew that none of my friends were having the kinds of thoughts that I did. I was



Shena pouted and swung her crossed legs quickly under the bench, sulking. “Well,” she protested, “and what’s wrong with still being a virgin?”

Betty grinned, happy her

Helen’s Humiliating Haircut


“Would you wear any style or fashion for me, even if it humiliated you?” he asked. Being submissive and a bit of an exhibitionist, the idea excited me

Morgan’s Basketball Bet

Morgan’s Basketball Bet – Evil_Corvette

Morgan and Matt had always been in a sort of friendly rivalry during basketball season, always comparing individual stats along with the

Bianca & Debbie

Bianca and Debbie

Bianca was in the bathroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as she brushed her long hair. Her hair was of reddish colour and wavy. It was so long tha