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The Trip by David2505

I turned the TV on to catch the news when I came into the hotel room. New England was having its worst blizzard of the year. Freezing cold and bitter winds.

Welcome to Hard Times


Anne Grant couldn’t hide the pathetic sulk from her face as the prison bus she was riding on pulled in to the Sate Correctional Facility for

Hair-Razing Experience

A Hair-Razing Experience – ClipperNipper

It was Easter. I was eight years old, and my parents were out of the country, but I don’t remember why. My Mom and Dad had Grandmom and

My Newest Short Experience

My Newest Short Experience – Cruzzer

It’s time for a trim, having been about five weeks from my last cut. Currently, I have a short haircut, about 4 inches on top, cut over the

Steel Comb

The Steel Comb by Charlie Sheers

Millie had just turned sweet sixteen. As her bosom started to grow, so did the number of boys who smiled at her when she walked down Main Street

Dreaming is Free

Dreaming Is Free by HeadBoy

A cold breeze blew in the window. The night air had a crisp, un-California like bite to it. JoHanna pulled the blanket up higher to shield from the c


The Torment – David2505

It starts with a postcard. She tucks it away between a couple of the bills in my pile, so I won’t see it for several days. Then, while I am sorting throug

Sally’s Haircuts

SALLY’S HAIRCUTS A story of how a fetish for hair developed. – Sally Megans

“How it all started …” As a young teen, flirting with the boys, swirling and teasing with a cape of

Divorce Cut

The Divorce Cut by David Bee

This is a true life drama that I had with the balding of a woman. I am one of the owners of a small, and what I would like to consider elite, beauty



I must tell this story, as I can hardly believe it myself. I am a 34 year old woman, and I think I am nice looking and I am of small build and slim. I have been a hairstylist since