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Bondage, you say?

Bondage, you say by ‘Buzz’

It all started so innocently. Little did I know that it would have got so carried away. You see our friends Ken and Sandy were coming over to have a fe

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge – Beowulf

You and some friends are at a bar, and you see your ex and some of his friends. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is talking. But you notice

Barbershop Revisited

“Come on James, we haven’t got all day.”

Today was my monthly lunchtime get together with the girls. A tradition we only dared miss for very good reason. However with David away



My girlfriend had long brown hair that hung below the middle of her back and she was forever brushing it out. I thought that she had the most beautiful hair I had ever se

In the Court of the Crimson King

In The Court of the Crimson King by HeadBoy

It was twenty years prior to our story that a crime was committed. Not just any crime, but a heinous one. An infant was stolen. A bab

A-1 on the Jukebox

Summer read another story on the internet, she smiled to herself, because there was nobody else around to smile for. The stories always brought a smile.

Tales of long-haired girls

Hard Times

Hard Times by Sammy

Things were starting to get a bit tight. They had to find ways to cut their expenses and the best way they thought was to cut corners. They found ways to cut