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If Only She Knew

If She Only Knew – Chi7171

John was a regular guy. He was 23 and very athletic, he spent his times working, playing sports and hanging out at the pub. John was attracted to older

Kaija’s Fantasy

Kaija’s Fantasy By Dreamcut’r

It was Friday night in Monterrey, California and I was kicking back and just relaxing with a couple of my dearest friends, a 31inch Surround Sound

Tammy’s Turn in the Chair

Tammy’s Turn in the Chair – James

Tammy and Jennifer were sisters. For years Tammy had been Jennifer’s worst nightmare. Ever since they were little girls, whenever Tammy wanted

Read The Sign

Read The Sign – Vam

I was in a rush to get the final grades published for my American military history course because I knew how important those grades were for my ROTC students

On Our Own

On Our Own

On Our Own by Sean O’Hare

1. The start of it all

“Thanks Dad. It looks, er well… fine. Thanks.”

“Hmmm, Louise, not as good as your mum would do it, I’m afraid.”

That’s true

My Brother’s Girlfriend

My Brother’s Girlfriend By Mobmij

My brother started going out with Anne when I was 18. She was a pretty, perky blonde – the cheerleader type. He had gone out with prettier girls

Lesson in Obedience

Lesson in Obedience

A Lesson in Obedience – KUGuy

I call you at work in a panic one day because we have no power. You call the company to see what is wrong and you call me back saying, “Well Jodi, t

Gotta Get a Life

Gotta Get a Life

Gotta Get A Life by HeadBoy

You count the cracks on the sidewalk on your walk home, again. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen… Your life is a morass of dulled images of yo

Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop

The following fantasy story features a forced female haircut and a spanking. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. If you off

My Haircuts

My Haircuts

My Haircuts – Debbie

Hi there.

My name is Debbie, I’ve just got into the whole haircutting scene and I thought you might like me to write a story or two, people I’ve met here t