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Magic Cape

This story is for my friend James, and his interest in capes. May you find a magic cape too!

The Magic Cape by Sabrina S

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there lived a b

Too Good to be True

Too good to be true

Like the subject title says, this seems to be to good to be true, but it is indeed true.

Yesterday I decided to go to my favorite bar to have a couple of dri

Under THIS Roof

Under THIS Roof! – Joan Rathburn

Laura Alexander sat awkwardly at the dinner table as her Aunt Rita got up to get the dessert. The eighteen year old girl’s parents had left earli

Bondage, you say?

Bondage, you say by ‘Buzz’

It all started so innocently. Little did I know that it would have got so carried away. You see our friends Ken and Sandy were coming over to have a fe

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge – Beowulf

You and some friends are at a bar, and you see your ex and some of his friends. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is talking. But you notice

Barbershop Revisited

“Come on James, we haven’t got all day.”

Today was my monthly lunchtime get together with the girls. A tradition we only dared miss for very good reason. However with David away