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Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards by Kelli21257 & Fortuneer

KELLI21257: I watch you…almost not realizing I am topless…
Fortuneer: Then off comes the thong, which I throw out to a guy in the audi

Fear of a Mullet Planet

Fear of a Mullet Planet by HeadBoy

A quiet cabin in upstate Vermont, a crackling fire, the soft dulcet sounds of Chet Baker wafting through the air, a dark, empty night outside.

Time and Again

Time and Again By Barbera

The summer I turned 14 I went to get my hair cut. I would always go to my mother’s hairdresser since this was a small town and there were only two choic


The Professional by ‘Cat’

Sam saw her leave the cafe and cross the street just as his previous customer was leaving – old Archie who always came in for his regular trim on a Mond

What a Repair Job

What a repair job by Jim B.

There are some things you should just never do for yourself, like surgery or a home haircut.

While the surgery decision is fairly obvious, thousands

Katie Suffers for her Art

Katie suffers for her art by Cliptomaniac

Katie had done quite well for an art student. She was making a bit of money doing something she that was both arty and also erotic and

Bobbed For A Man


I had been working as a financial adviser for an international company for about 3 years. A few months ago a new manager started working in a different section.

Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey – Nice ‘n’ Short

Tammy and Lindsey were best of friends. They had just finished their senior year of high school. They were a different type of pairing, howeve