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Satan’s Barmaid

Satan’s Barmaid – RansomKing

Three long-haired beauties in various stages of dress and undress walked into The Tempter’s bar in the seedy part of town. Once inside the doors sla

Men’s Salon

The Men’s Salon – TJ

My name is Sarah and this is the story of my first buzz haircut. It happened during the summer vacation of my freshman year in college. I looked my best bac

Lost Bet

The Lost Bet – Anonymous

My girl had a nasty habit of betting at anything. And losing a good bit of money into the bargain. This was the only point of friction in an otherwise o

Joys of High School

The Joys of High School

A true story……….

I don’t exactly know when it happened, but I have always liked short, or long, being cut, hair. The times where I can recall it m

Morning After

Morning After

The Morning After by HeadBoy

Jenna rubbed her head, it was smooth and clean. She was bald. The crowd that watched her march triumphantly to the chair to be shaved cheered as mas

Karen’s New Existence

Karen’s New Existence by EddyZ

It started in the course of Karen’s junior year at college. One day she was on her way back to her apartment on the campus, which she shared with

Clippers Speak

The Clippers Speak by Haircape

It is dark, too dark. I hate being shoved into this drawer where the scissors are poking my side, and I am suffocated by my own cord. Besides, I’m

Object Jamie

Object Jamie – DLBARGRILL

I was standing in the back at the hair show, mostly because I wasn’t invited. As a writer, I have a lot of free time and I just couldn’t get inspired to