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The Mirror – Ben

You are seated behind a large, one-way mirror, looking into an old barbershop. A large leather chair is right in front of you, so close you can almost touch it.

Littlest Recruit

The Littlest Recruit by Shornlocks

Fifteen-year-old Brenda tried to be inconspicuous as she stared through the tall bushes at her neighbor Cheryl sunning herself by the pool. Ch

My Wife’s Fantasy

My Wife’s Fantasy…………..

My wife has always had a fantasy, and that is what I’ll tell you about. My wife has always wanted a foursome…Another guy and girl. In her fantas


Erica was like any other teenage girl – she followed fashion faithfully, seeking out the latest in clothes and hairstyles. It wasn’t easy for her, because her family lived on a far

Goose & The Gander

The Goose and the Gander by Barbera

I’d been bugging my boyfriend to get his hair cut shorter. It was over 6 inches long, but he never combed it and just let it blow around. I ke

Nice Hair


I always liked the way she looked after her hair. When I met her, her hair was long and neatly combed. It hung down to the middle of her shoulder blades and was

Carol’s Condescension

This story is based partly on my experience, partly on somebody else’s lucky break and a good portion of fantasy.

Carol’s Condescension by Theobald

I met Carol at a volunteer o

London Tales, Part 1

London Tales – London Hair

I started cutting & styling hair about fifteen years ago. I am a professional hair stylist. I began to read your stories/articles just recently and so

Mother’s Revenge

Mother’s Revenge By Hair-Raiser

Louise was pleased that she and her mother were friends again. They’d always been close and her mother was also her best friend. Their relationshi

My Barber Marv

My Barber Marv – Picaso

It was a sunny Monday morning as I was busy running errands in my car. I drove past my favorite barbershop and saw that it was open, so I quickly pulled i