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Emily’s Friend

Emily’s Friend – Ex Dutch

Emily’s husband Mike kissed her on the cheek. “I guess it is time to go.” They smiled at each other. “See you in three weeks or so…” With a wave, he

Anne’s New Ways

Anne had always been pretty. People would usually give her a second look when she walked past. She did not have that much confidence in her appearance, though. She had tried a numb

Witch of Bald Mountain

The Witch of Bald Mountain R. King

I would like to thank Templar_Saint for me asking to write this story. Enjoy

I don’t know whether to believe this story or not. It sounds so

1,2,3, Loplocks

“No I’m telling you Laurie, there was like 20 different letters or whatever you call ’em in there!” Donna said.

Laurie could hear the concern and near panic in her best friend’s v

Laurie’s Christmas Present

Laurie’s Christmas Present by EddyZ.

“Missy! Free haircut, missy?”

Laurie turned to see a skinny Indian boy, at least he had the body of a boy though his features looked old. D

Lynn’s Escape

Lynn’s Escape by Theobald

The rain had stopped but it was still too cloudy for stars to be seen. Jim saw a woman with two bags in her hands at the kerb look behind her. He turne

What Happened at Brandy’s

What Happened At Brandy’s by EddyZ.

Oh, I wish I had not been so stupid! I had been so confident that I would win the bet that I hadn’t even bothered about the consequences. But


Thrown by HeadBoy

You are thrown down a flight of stairs, some sort of punishment he metered out on you when he caught you in bed, his bed, your bed, with another woman. He wasn