Punishment Cuts

Super, part 2

The Super (part 2 The Transformation) – DAREUC

Veronica was the first one to rise the next morning. She quietly threw on a robe and left the bedroom. She was exhausted from her a


The Super (Part One) – DAREUC

The Super looked at his watch. “9:30. They should all be at work by now.” He pulled a small worn notebook from his back pocket, “Now, what’s on my l

Secret in Store

A Secret in Store by Sean O’Hare (with inspiration from SC, you know who you are 🙂

I was not looking forward today. Stocktaking is always painful but this year my store was goi

Littlest Recruit

The Littlest Recruit by Shornlocks

Fifteen-year-old Brenda tried to be inconspicuous as she stared through the tall bushes at her neighbor Cheryl sunning herself by the pool. Ch

Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi, or Easier Money (The second part of the Easy Money trilogy) by English Rose and Sean O’Hare

The phone started to ring just as I got indoors after my daily run ro

Dollies and Haircuts

Dollies and Haircuts – Crazy Clippers

This is about Jamie, who loved to give her toy dolls haircuts. Jamie was 12 years old. She liked to dress and cut the hair of her toy dolls

Cindy’s Wedding Parts 1 & 2

Cindy’s Wedding – Part 1 by NovoWriter

It was mid-afternoon on a particularly sunny April day. Susan was busy with the fondue fixings she was setting up for their little party wi

First Cut

First Cut

It’s just one of those awful days. The temperature is about 33ºC, humidity feels about a hundred percent, you had a lousy time in the office and got caught in a traffi

Go Team!

GO TEAM! by Shornlocks

For two years in a row, the Mount Pleasant High School boys basketball team and girls cheerleading squad had each won the State championships. This year wa