School, Army & Prison Haircuts

Wife’s Revenge

A Wife’s Revenge – Raool

Debbie stood in front of the bathroom mirror and smoothed her eyebrows. She ran a brush through her short layered hair and gave it a liberal dousing of

I’m With the Band

I’m With The Band by HeadBoy & Sabrina S.

The sign hung on the phone pole with duct tape, a rusty nail and desire. “Female musicians wanted! Influences: Sex Pistols, Bryan Ferry

Shave Slave

THE SHAVE SLAVE (A Dialogue) – Clip Er2


I am in a spandex full body suit. The sheen properly highlights my body’s contours and curves in shiny black. Small sli

Once Upon a Lurker

Once Upon a Lurker by BuzMeTendr

Often times the hour was late, or should I say early morning, when I would sit at my trusty computer and browse – or lurk as the term online is


Retakes – CutUps

Jill was seventeen. Waves of thick red hair flowed like lava to her elbows. She checked black skirt and burgundy blouse one more time in the full-length mirror

From Ho to Waif

From Ho to Waif – Ecstasy Factory

Jen and Larissa had just gotten out of school for the day and were just getting into Jen’s spacious house at 2 pm. They were both freshmen at t