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And Then There was None

When I was fourteen years old I was somewhat mature for my age. I had discovered my sexuality and I knew that none of my friends were having the kinds of thoughts that I did. I was

Control, Clippers and Kerri

Control, Clippers and Kerri

Control, Clippers, and Kerri – Billd (Clipper)

To all my fellow female shaving fans. A short time ago, many of you may recall that I posted a fictional story in which a woman, wh

Leslie Joins the Sorority

Leslie Joins the Sorority

Leslie Joins the Sorority – Tigger

Leslie wanted to be in the Alpha sorority more than anything else in the world. She knew they only took two new members each semester. She loo




It was my birthday today and Julie promised something very special. She had been very busy the last days, running around in the afternoons, making telephone calls. And she


Today was to be the biggest day in the life of 7-year-old Lisa Tucker. Today a probate court judge would finalize her adoption by the Madsen family, ending a four-year period of mu



“What do you think she is up to now ? All very mysterious, calling us over to her place but then not being here ? ” Marci, the eldest of the triplets – by 11 minutes – a


The Call By Tucriah

Charlene thought, “Is this heat every going to end?” She was waiting for the person in front of her to pull out of the parking space in front of her. It was a

Snapper and the Clipper

The Snapper and the Clipper by Sabrina S.

This is for my photographer friend who accompanied me to Global Hair Expo. The only thing common between this work of fiction and ficti