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Divorced From Her Locks


I had a warm feeling come over me as Mrs. Dickens came into my beauty shop for one of her rare appointments. Mrs. Dickens was in her late fifties. Even a

Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts by LocksCutter

On the outside, Melissa Swanson was the All-American girl. She had perfect teeth, light blue eyes, and a body to die for, standing 5’4″ and weighi

Barbershop Experience

“Come on James, we haven’t got all day.”

Today was my monthly lunchtime get together with the girls. A tradition we only dared miss for very good reason. However with David away s

Skinhead Girl

Skinhead Girl – BigJohn

I’ve been living with my girlfriend for the last few years. When I first met her she told me of the wild past she had before we met. Although we have a lo

Princess and the Fantasy Haircut

The Princess and The Fantasy Haircut An Erotic Hair Fantasy by Ian White

The Princess retired to her bedchamber after a long and gruelling day, and as she sat at her dressing ta

Krystal’s Day

Krystal’s Day – J

This a true story about a close friend of mine who lives in New Hampshire. Everything is down to the last detail as it happened. Enjoy!

It was about the middl

Erotic Encountern

An Erotic Encounter by Geneva

Steve and I are now married. The wedding and the reception are the ones to remember for me. But, the honeymoon is the one that really sticks out in

Sister’s Summer Haircut

Sister’s Summer Haircut by Haircape

“Don’t forget,” my mom called to us as we went out the door. “I’ll pick you up after school so we can do our errands.” I looked at my sister,

Nuisance No Longer

A Nuisance No Longer by Shornlocks

“Heather! Jessie! My Daddy’s joining the army! My Daddy’s joining the army!”

Heather and Jessie, 13-year-old twin sisters, looked at one anot

Being There

Cartoon Network was on, almost mocking Jen as she sat there, helpless. Hands tied behind her back, feet strapped to the chair legs, rubber ball shoved into her mouth and taped in p