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Another Dani

“Hi. I’m Gerry.”

“Yeah. I know,” Courtney said. “You come highly recommended.”

“Always nice to hear,” Gerry answered as she brushed out Courtney’s curly hair. Curly hair can ofte

Hell No, We Won’t Go

Hell No, We Won’t Go – Franklin Farmer

The judge looked down from his bench at the and sternly read the sentence, his cold steel grey eyes stared into each girl’s eyes. “Disturbi

Favors Returned

Favors Returned by Jim B.

“Coming?” my dear husband, Mike, called to me.

“YES!” I yelled back at him as I closed the front door behind me.

“It was your idea for us to get all d

My Eden

My Eden

This isn’t a mere story, a figment of my imagination, or the product of an overheated pussy. This is autobiography. It’s said that an angel with a flaming sword guards ou

Way You Always Wanted It

The Way You Always Wanted It – Cut Ups

Laura made the deposit and left the bank in her small hometown. She had worked in the federal government for forty years, beginning in the

Why Did You Wait So Long?

Why Did You Wait So Long? By James

For years, I had always had a crush on Stacey. From the first day of Kindergarten, I fell in love with her. At the time I did not know why, bu


Undine by Mobmij

The boss knows what I do. But what the fuck? Who else will work the hours I work for the shit he pays? So he knows what I do. He also knows what I don’t do. No

Day in the Barbershop

South India. The state of Andhra Pradesh. The southern part of this technologically upcoming state. The temple town of Tirumala-Tirupati. Situated in the seven hills that compris