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Letter to Moscow

Letter to Moscow – DLBARGRILL

Christian had been in Moscow for almost five months. At first the idea had enormous charm. He was being sent to the legendary Russia, home of the C


The Muse by HeadBoy

muse n 1: in ancient mythology any of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne; protector of an art or science [syn: Muse] 2: the source of an artist’s inspiration;

I’d Do It For Free

I’d Do It For Free – Franklin Farmer

Every summer in my teen years, the 1960’s, I helped my Uncle Henry in his barbershop. My uncle’s shop was the only black barbershop in town a

Like Hers

Like Hers – 0

It was an addiction, she realised. A terrible addiction. For as long as she could remember, Terry had found the cutting of hair – and more importantly, her own hai

Behind the Eight Ball

Marco watched the eight ball rattle around the corner pocket, mocking him as it sank. “That’s game,” Gayle said with a wink, spanking Marco on the ass as she walked by. “Loser rac

Elizabeth’s Ruin


I first saw them at the symphony – an attractive couple sitting two rows ahead of me on the aisle. The people were more interesting than the concert so I watched

Flattop Friday

Flattop Friday – Bob Barker

One Friday a month a local barbershop would have what they called Flattop Friday. This meant that everyone who came could get a flattop for free on th

What Were You Thinking

What Were You Thinking? – Greg

“I wonder what was going through her mind when she was doing that?” my wife commented as we were watching the famous haircut scene in GI Jane. We


The Oil – Greg

Mary stood at the door and took a deep breath. “C’mon Mary,” she whispered to herself, “you have come this far, don’t chicken out now!” It was a Saturday morning

A True Story

My wife Megume and I sat in the salon waiting anxiously for her name to be called. We had checked in ten minutes earlier and were told the stylist she had an appointment with was r