Hotel Room Bet

The Hotel Room Bet – Kelli21258 & Nstntcrma

Nstntcrma: “Are you into sports all of a sudden Kell…You never liked them before.”
Kelli21258: “Sports… are ok…,” I say. Obviously I feel above them. I keep drinking.
Nstntcrma: (Derek, James and I have already finished our second drink and our well into our third).
Nstntcrma: “Bartender…. A bottle of Chardonnay for room 417 please. Miss football here can’t miss the game” (we all laugh as he nods)
Kelli21258: I just finished my third and am swaying slightly and smiling more.
Nstntcrma: You stumble slighly in your platforms as you get up to follow us to the elevator.
Nstntcrma: “You seem nervous Kell.”
Nstntcrma: (I say with a smile)
Kelli21258: I am laughing as the bartender checks me out again. I laugh in the elevator… obviously stuck up. “Not even close, Jeff.”
Nstntcrma: “Same ol’ Kelli,” I laugh. “Never knowing her limits and always thinking that she is in control.”
Nstntcrma: (“Fourth floor!” Derek yells) We pile out.
Kelli21258: I follow smugly. “So… a football bet huh?”
Nstntcrma: Down the long hallway to 417 as I slip the key into the door.
Nstntcrma: “Yeah… it’ll be fun and… uh… educational for someone.” (Derek, James and I bust out laughing.)
Kelli21258: “Yeah… you… so which teams are playing?” I say, pretending I know them all.
Nstntcrma: “USC and Florida State.”
Nstntcrma: “So who do you think will win Kell?”
Kelli21258: “Cool… I will take USC,” I say, thinking that they are more popular and thus will win.
Nstntcrma: (We walk in and you admire the room’s furnishings.)
Nstntcrma: “USC huh? Is that who you will take as the bet? You don’t even know what the bet is yet!” We all laugh again.
Nstntcrma: “Or should I say, bets!”
Kelli21258: “Nice room. At least I am impressed with something…” I laugh.
Nstntcrma: “Is it cold in here?” James smirks as he wanders into the kitchen area of the room.
Kelli21258: “Well, Derek, James, you are the witnesses… let’s write it down too,” I slur some.
Kelli21258: (I notice a nice round table in the kitchen… nice kitchen… nice big couch and chairs… and big screen TV.)
Nstntcrma: Derek: “Yeah she is a real pistol Jeff, how did you put up with that bitchy little mouth?”
Kelli21258: I sorta growl at him… icy look.
Nstntcrma: “Make yourself at home Kell. Judging from your appearance you already look comfortable. Who did your hair this morning… the cat?” (as I tousle it with my hand.)
Nstntcrma: (James flicks on the remote and the TV comes to life.)
Kelli21258: “Whatever you jerk… don’t even touch my hair…”
Kelli21258: The game starts in 20 minutes. James gets a pena nd paper to write down the antes.
Nstntcrma: “Yeah, yeah.” (knock knock! at the door.) “Hey, room service with the wine.”
Nstntcrma: “Well Kell… it is like this. We don’t just want to bet on the outcome of the game… we like to bet on little particulars along the way like number of first downs, completed passes, etc. so this way we can bet on many things with many different outcomes.”
Nstntcrma: “Then of course the final score dictates the biggest, riskiest wager.”
Nstntcrma: James pulls the cork from the bottle and pours the glasses as we sit around the table.
Kelli21258: “Sure… but I want to have to pay up at the END of the game… so I can tease you throughout it…” I smile sarcastically…at you.
Nstntcrma: “Fair enough! So we’ll keep score so to speak and then realize the wagers at the very end?”
Kelli21258: “Yes…” I am definitely slurring as I down more wine.
Nstntcrma: “OK… well Kell… the first bet topic is who will win the toss of the coin at the beginning of the game. What is your wager and what will it be… heads or tails?” (as I look at you sternly.)
Kelli21258: “I decide a fair wager… then you get to, Jeff. Fair enough? I want money for that one… $500.”
Nstntcrma: “$500 it is. What will it be?”
Kelli21258: “Huh?”
Kelli21258: “What is the next bet, Jeff?”
Nstntcrma: “Will it be heads or tails… and hurry up they’re about to flip.”
Kelli21258: “I bet on tails!” I say, sure of myself.
Nstntcrma: “Ok. Then during the commercials we’ll bet on everything else and settle up at the end of the game… bet?”
Nstntcrma: They flip and the ref calls… Tails! “Fuck!” I yell as James and Derek start laughing and high fiving you!
Kelli21258: “YEAHHHH BABY! Thanks for the money after the game.”
Nstntcrma: “500 bucks! Shit! You spent all of my money when we were together and now you’re taking it again when we’re apart.” (I look at you coldly and develop a sly smile.)
Nstntcrma: “Ok Kell, 500 it is… but let’s talk about some other fun things for bets now.”
Nstntcrma: (James and Derek lean closer and look at you.)
Nstntcrma: “For calling the team with the most first downs the bet will be this…”
Kelli21258: I smile sweetly, mocking. “Ok… what is next?”
Nstntcrma: “The loser gets a bare ass paddling from the winner as James and Derek video it…
Nstntcrma: “and the loser will be gagged with a bondage gag, harness and ball.”
Kelli21258: “Sure… you are on… I bet on USC always.”
Kelli21258: “OK, I can’t wait to see you like that,” I say evilly.
Nstntcrma: “OK, so it is! You’re up.” (looking at Derek and James laughing.)
Nstntcrma: (Pouring more Chardonnay and filling your glass again)
Kelli21258: I am obviously getting drunkish. “What are we betting on?”
Nstntcrma: Now we’ll bet on the team who has the most completed passes at the half.
Nstntcrma: “What a stupid bitch… typical blonde,” Derek says as he walks to the bathroom.
Nstntcrma: “Wait till she gets more alcohol in her, bud,” I say laughingly.
Kelli21258: I laugh… “How about nudity? Loser gets nude… no hiding anything for the whole night… and I get to invite a barmaid up or two if I win… since you are all guys.” I am obviously getting more wild
Nstntcrma: “Are those dark roots?” James says. “I’d hate to find out that you’re not natural.”
Nstntcrma: “OK, fair enough.”
Kelli21258: “WHAT? Of course I am a natural… like you will ever get the chance to see though,” I say smugly.
Nstntcrma: “Now we’ll raise the stakes! If Florida State is leading at the half, I’ll strip your skirt off and shave your bush bare with clippers and a razor. Then, turn you over doggy style for an ass fucking! If USC is winning at the half you do the same to me with a strap on! With a barmaid watching.”
Nstntcrma: “I always wanted to fuck that tight ass of yours but you were always such a prude.”
Nstntcrma: (Derek and James bust out laughing at you. “I would love to watch you pound Miss High-and-Mighty’s rosebud like that, Jeff… teach her some manners and humility!”)
Kelli21258: “Wow… fine… you’re on Stud. Getting a little tougher, huh… you will be nude anyways by that time,” I laugh. “Next bet?”
Nstntcrma: “Now let’s bet on the most yards at game’s end.”
Nstntcrma: “If USC has the most yards what will it be?” (pulling you tight to me and twisting your nipple through your brat T-shirt.)
Kelli21258: I get irriatated. “You will be butt naked over my knee… getting your ass whipped whenever I want… and you will masturbate for the camera. In return, I will suck you and all of these guys’ cocks anytime you wish tonight if I lose.”
Nstntcrma: Derek and James look at me and smile. “OK Princess.”
Nstntcrma: “Now for the grandaddy! The final score dictates this!”
Kelli21258: “OK, your choice, stud!” I laugh.
Nstntcrma: “If I win… I am so sick and fucking tired of watching you play and twist that rat’s nest that you call hair that if you lose I will shave you bald… your head, pussy, legs, arms, everything and we will masturbate and come on you as you lay under us. Then we will all return to the bar downstairs for drinks so people can look at the new you! You will also submit to another shaving in the shower in the morning after, servicing us anytime, anything all night!”
Nstntcrma: “What do you think, Kell?”
Kelli21258: I almost choke. “Ummmm…” I try not to get nervous. “OK… and what are you betting? I want you on a leash and collar too while in the room if you lose.” I twist my hair, nervously touching the barrette.
Nstntcrma: “Fair enough. What’s wrong Kell? Does it bother you that FSU is a 22 point favorite?”
Nstntcrma: “They also have the nation’s best passing attack.”
Kelli21258: I gulp… running a hand through my blonde hair. “Nnn… n… no… NO IT DOESNT!” I try to look confident.
Nstntcrma: (I look at you aloof as I pull a black briefcase from under the couch.)
Nstntcrma: “What’s that Jeff? Haha,” Derek says as he laughs and pours the last of the first bottle of wine in your glass.
Nstntcrma: “Just some items for the party, guys, let’s see… hmmmmmmmm.”
Nstntcrma: Snap! Snap! (I pop open the lid locks.)
Kelli21258: (You can also destroy my hair supplies if you win…)
Nstntcrma: “Hey James! How did all of this get here?”
Kelli21258: I watch… trying to pretend I am not curious. “You have to go through the same if you lose?”
Nstntcrma: “So Kell, do you wish me to submit to the full body shave if I lose?”
Kelli21258: I nod with a smug look.
Nstntcrma: (After the kick off FSU recovers a USC fumble on USC’s 10 yard line and looks ready to score.) “Oh no Kell. Damn the luck!”
Kelli21258: I frown noticeably before recovering… sitting on couch.
Nstntcrma: “Hmmmm, a can of shaving cream… leather tying straps… leg shackles… a very nice Gilette razor….
Nstntcrma: “Oh! Hey Derek, how did this strap-on and dildo get in here? Hahahaha.”
Kelli21258: I cringe, but no one notices. I laugh. “Whatever…”
Nstntcrma: “Oh and look Kell, just for you… A brand spanking new set of Oster professional series clippers.”
Nstntcrma: I plug them in
Nstntcrma: I flick the switch Snap! Hummmmmmmmmmmmm.
Nstntcrma: “Wow! These babies are fast and powerful!”
Kelli21258: I go wideeyed. “Those will be for you….” (You should ruin my hairstyle with scissors first.)
Nstntcrma: (Teasing you by pointing the humming clippers at you.)
Kelli21258: (You guys can talk about it when it becomes obvious I will lose.)
Kelli21258: I try to ignore you.
Nstntcrma: “What do you know… a pair of 6″ barber shears in here also. Damn it Derek you are one hell of a friend… thinking of everything.”
Nstntcrma: (Sipping wine, looking at you as FSU scores first touchdown.)
Nstntcrma: Smiling slyly.
Nstntcrma: “Oh Kell, gosh too bad, what a pity!”
Kelli21258: I cringe… getting quieter…
Kelli21258: (You guys can all talk about it as the game goes by…)
Nstntcrma: “Have you been spanked lately, Kell? Every good little girl needs it you know?”
Nstntcrma: “I bet she is all talk, Jeff, won’t even go through with it.”
Kelli21258: I growl. “Whatever… you guys are going to lose for sure… I KNOW!”
Nstntcrma: “Her mouth has perfect cock sucking lips, Jeff.”
Kelli21258: “I get up and sign my name on the betting sheets… then hand it for Jeff to sign. “No backing out,” I say smirking.
Nstntcrma: “Yeah I know. Maybe we can talk a barmaid into letting her try them on a nice wet pussy too.” (All laughing at you!)
Nstntcrma: “Of course not dearest.” (Signing) “Oh, and Kell…
Nstntcrma: “No wigs, or any head coverings for 3 months after your shaving… got that? And your hair supplies go out this 4 story window when we’re through.”
Nstntcrma: “She was always this bithcy and arrogant when we dated James… god I’m glad she’s history!”
Kelli21258: I cringe. I nod confidently… but you see me touch my barrette nervously. (You shoud break them too… or have me give it to a barmaid downstairs afterwards.)
Nstntcrma: USC scores field goal. Score: FSU 10 USC 3.
Kelli21258: (And my dating life will be history for a long time… at least 3 years for it grow back. Hmmm… get me angry enough to bet all hair for a year.)
Kelli21258: I cringe… they are getting further ahead of my team.
Nstntcrma: “Kell, when we get to the bar and we have your tight primpy ass getting us drinks, maybe you should hand over your hair supplies to someone that will need them – like the barmaid, hahahaah!” Derek, James and I bust up laughing.
Nstntcrma: “Was she even any good in the sack Jeff?” (James.)
Nstntcrma: “Yeah, if she was drunk I could use her any way I wanted.”
Kelli21258: I cringe… all kinds of pretty ornaments in my handbag.
Nstntcrma: “I used to kneel over her head and jerk off and come in her hair after she passed out.”
Nstntcrma: (We all laugh and point at you.)
Kelli21258: “Fuck you Brian… I think you should have to be bald for a year if you lose… no coverings,” I say defiantly.
Nstntcrma: “Brian? Who the hell is Brian?”
Kelli21258: “Oops! I mean Jeff.” (I guess I am drunk)
Nstntcrma: “For that the bet is one year of head shavings! Don’t ever call me your boyfriend’s name, bitch!”
Kelli21258: I shrug… James writes it down.
Nstntcrma: FSU scores again! “Yeah!” (I jump up and high five Derek.) I get right in your pretty face and kiss your cheek. “Nervous yet, Kell?”
Kelli21258: I say nothing… getting more nervous… already so far behind on the first down thing.
Nstntcrma: The half ends. “Yes!”
Kelli21258: I look up, starting to fidget with my hair.
Nstntcrma: “Kelli, Kelli, Kelli. Hmmm, now what was it James, what was it for most first downs?”
Nstntcrma: “What was it Kell, we can’t remember?”
Nstntcrma: “Hmmmmmmm?”
Kelli21258: I look at James nervously… not remembering myself.
Nstntcrma: “And the loser gets… drum roll please, Derek…”
Nstntcrma: “A bare ass paddling while being gagged and videoed.”
Nstntcrma: “Yes!”
Nstntcrma: “Well, Kell, doesn’t look good for the home team’s little ass!”
Nstntcrma: The fourth quarter starts and you already owe me – ass paddeling, naked all night and bush shave and ass fuck.
Nstntcrma: “Will it be a clean sweep Kell?”
Kelli21258: I cringe… now sinking into the couch.
Nstntcrma: “They can still come back, Kell. Cheer up, it’s only 35 to 3 haha!” We all laugh and talk about what you should wear as we parade our bald slave.
Nstntcrma: James pulls a pair of size 6 stiletto black 6″ heels from a bag and shows them to you.
Kelli21258: I groan visibly… starting to sweat as I avoid your eyes… listening nervously to suggestions….
Nstntcrma: “You should walk nicely in these after all this wine, Kell,” I say.
Nstntcrma: “Let’s take the scissors to her skirt and make it a real mini.”
Kelli21258: I see Derek start going though my bags too. I say nothing… so scared now….
Nstntcrma: “I want everyone to see that nice close-shaved pussy, even when she just barely bends over.”
Kelli21258: I look down at my skirt and smooth it unconsciously… pushing it down.
Nstntcrma: “Look at this, guys. Bitch has every cosmetic known to man in here.”
Kelli21258: I look back, point and about to say something… then I just turn back to the game nervously.
Nstntcrma: “And what’s this? A picture of… Brian. ‘To Kell, I love you and think you are beautiful, can’t wait to see you.'”
Nstntcrma: “2 minutes left Kell, and it is 42-10. Do you think?”
Kelli21258: I cringe…
Nstntcrma: We call room service for more wine. “This could be a long night, boys.”
Kelli21258: I am starting to look awfully resigned… and A LOT less sassy. You can’t wait to “Clip My Wings” so to speak. Be at least 4 years for me to recover… I will be almost 30 by that time.
Nstntcrma: (5 minutes pass and as we celebrate our victory the barmaid knocks on the door.)
Nstntcrma: “Come on in!” Derek says. “We want you to meet someone.”
Nstntcrma: “This is Kelli. Kelli, say hi to… Maria.”
Nstntcrma: “Kelli… now don’t be shy to our guest.” (Glaring at your blue eyes.)
Kelli21258: I look at Maria… long black hair. I smile and say “hi” meekly.
Nstntcrma: “You’re being impolite.”
Nstntcrma: “Maria, do you want to make some extra money this evening?” (James says.)
Nstntcrma: “All you have to do is video a little for us.”
Kelli21258: (Ask her if she likes any of my hair supplies and stuff.) I get quiet.
Nstntcrma: “You see, Kelli just lost a major series of bets… and well… you’ll see. Do you like any of these items in this overnight bag of Kelli’s?
Nstntcrma: (She rummages through as we urge her on.)
Nstntcrma: “You can have it all, Maria.”
Nstntcrma: “Kelli wants you to have it, don’t you Kell?”
Kelli21258: (Have her pick them out… and I will hand them to her later… she then sees my barrette in my hair… obviously liking it.)
Nstntcrma: Maria smiles and pulls out the various barrettes and things.
Nstntcrma: “I love this hair comb and these ties.”
Kelli21258: I cringe… the game is almost over…
Nstntcrma: “You can have them Maria! All of them.”
Kelli21258: I want to pull them away from her… I love those things…
Nstntcrma: She looks pleased at them, looks at you for approval and then notices the barrette in your hair.
Kelli21258: She obviously wonders why as she continues to find things… I say nothing….
Kelli21258: I just nod hopelessly
Nstntcrma: “YES! 42-10, a final score,” Derek screams. We all yell and celebrate. I grab you, pull you close and stare into your blue eyes with mine saying nothing, only smiling.
Kelli21258: I wilt inside.
Nstntcrma: I push your head down in a submissive posture and kiss your barrette and hair.
Nstntcrma: Maria is startled by the commotion.
Nstntcrma: “Maria, do you want the barrette in Kelli’s hair?”
Kelli21258: I do so obediently. Maria looks over… wondering… still loooking at the expensive barrette… she is still grabbing stuff from my bag.
Kelli21258: She looks confused. I frown deeply… not wanting to have to give it to her.
Nstntcrma: “Kelli wants to give it to you, don’t you Kell?” (Turning to give you a very dominant look.)
Nstntcrma: (Ask her to cut it out of your hair with the scissors.)
Kelli21258: (No… just have her get to take it out of my hair… bad enough… enjoying it… then you can ruin my hair… I hate bangs by the way… and that short in front dyke cut would suck.)
Nstntcrma: “Please take it from her hair, Maria… go ahead. Kelli is a giving person and wants you to have it.”
Nstntcrma: She gingerly moves forward and you bow submissively to her as she unhooks it and removes it.
Kelli21258: I cringe… walking over to her unhappily…
Nstntcrma: Your loose hair falls into your face.
Nstntcrma: Derek, James and I all run our hands through your hair and mess it up. “There Kell, that’s a good girl. See how happy you have made Maria!”
Kelli21258: (Now you should explain some of the bet… which she will like since she saw me earlier all sassy… and you can give her my clothes too… and maybe my hair for her to sell.)
Nstntcrma: “Care for some wine Maria?” All are served.
Nstntcrma: “Did you notice Kelli and us in the bar earlier today?”
Kelli21258: I look bleak and unhappy… looking at Maria’s new treasures makes it worse… she puts the barrette in her long black hair happily… and now curious what “bets” I have lost.
Nstntcrma: “Yes” (Maria.)
Nstntcrma: “You see, Kelli’s shirt says it all: ‘brat’. It is very fitting, would you not agree?”
Nstntcrma: “Just look at her.”
Kelli21258: I am told by James that I can no longe talk until asked… only nod and shake my head. I stand silently.
Nstntcrma: “The clothing, pretentious make up, haughty walk.”
Nstntcrma: “So, Maria, Derek, James and I decided to bet on the big football game today.
Nstntcrma: “We decided this to teach Kell here a few things about life.
Nstntcrma: “Mainly, not to try and take advantage of a past boyfriend again by being too prissy and demanding.”
Kelli21258: I shake slightly… Derek having me step out of my shoes… I do so reluctantly as he picks them up.
Nstntcrma: “It has been her looks and clothes that enable her to do these things.
Nstntcrma: “Maria, do you not agree that she even looks prissy and pretentious?”
Nstntcrma: Maria nods as she sips her wine and slowly looks over your entire body.
Nstntcrma: “Would you like to have her clothes, Maria?
Nstntcrma: “One of the bets is nakedness for the entire night and Kell lost that one.”
Kelli21258: I frown deeply. James reaches down and grabs the base of my shirt and I rasie my arms unhappily as it goes over my head.
Nstntcrma: “Gosh Kell, I’m sorry.”
Nstntcrma: Maria’s eyes widen as she is obviously becoming aroused like us.
Kelli21258: My bra is black…. I know that it will be gone soon…
Nstntcrma: “Kell also lost the bet that will see her getting her tight little ass paddled after she is gagged.
Nstntcrma: “Take off her bra, James.”
Kelli21258: She looks me over like a woman getting even for something… starting to understand… she finds my best features…
Kelli21258: I turn red as my bra snaps off and falls to the floor… joining my shoes in James’s arms.
Nstntcrma: “Stand at attention! Arms back, sub!” Derek yells.
Nstntcrma: “Stick out your tits.”
Nstntcrma: “Chin up!”
Kelli21258: I do so obediently… my breats thrust forward… heaving… I am covered in slight sweat.
Nstntcrma: “Maria, Kelli has had a run of bad luck this evening and must also learn her mistake by getting a really good ass fucking!”
Nstntcrma: Maria’s eyes widen as she noticeably gets hotter.
Nstntcrma: “Do you like her hair?
Nstntcrma: “Do you like blonde hair, Maria?
Nstntcrma: “You could get good money for it.
Nstntcrma: “Run your hands through it.”
Kelli21258: My lip trembles… Maria is beginning to understand… smirking slightly…
Nstntcrma: (She gets up and walks over to you at attention.)
Nstntcrma: Runs her long fingers through your tresses.
Nstntcrma: “Maria, I must ask you to pull down the sub’s skirt please.”
Nstntcrma: (Watching as my erection swells to a busting point.)
Nstntcrma: James gets the video camera and starts filming.
Nstntcrma: Maria slides your skirt down slowly over your hips.
Nstntcrma: It falls to the floor.
Nstntcrma: I get up and walk over.
Nstntcrma: I slowly walk around you and sip my wine, tracing your body curves with my eyes.
Kelli21258: I cringe… she can’t speak English perfectly. She looks at you and points to my head, gesturing her hands over my head. “You mean… everything… everything on here…” (touches my hair and holds a strand, smiling evilly) “…ALL OFF? All gone?”
Nstntcrma: “Maria, you may have all of her belongings here and especially her hair jewelry if you wish.”
Kelli21258: I look down at just my panties… noticing Derek getting the scissors and looking at my skirt… thinking about cutting it shorter… ruining it… he looks at you for a suggestion.
Nstntcrma: “Maria, the final bet is just that! Since the sub lost she will be shaved completely… yes, all gone.”
Nstntcrma: “Derek, cut that rag exactly in half so that when she wears it it is 1” lower than her pussy lips.
Nstntcrma: “I want to see ass cheeks hanging out of it when she stands!”
Kelli21258: Her eyes go wide… she touches it… “Soooo pretty. All off… her… head? How do you say it… bald?” She looks excited at my wilting expression.
Nstntcrma: Derek smiles and slices into your expensive skirt.
Nstntcrma: “Yes, bald, Maria.
Nstntcrma: “Do you want to watch?”
Nstntcrma: She nods excitedly.
Kelli21258: “How about a half inch above those lips of hers?” He grins.
Nstntcrma: “Oh you’re the boss, Derek!” He quickly slashes through your skirt.
Kelli21258: I look horrified… hating the word ‘bald’. (Time to start suggesting how things are going to be done to me and in what order.)
Nstntcrma: I admire your firm body standing at attention in your thong.
Nstntcrma: “Maria, Kelli will be spanked, her pussy will be shaved and then she will be ass fucked doggy style.”
Kelli21258: I groan….
Nstntcrma: “As she is doggy style I’m going to use these clippers (picking up the Osters) to shave her head so she can watch her hair falling to the floor in front of her face.
Nstntcrma: “Then we are going to shave her completely, head to toe, so that Kelli will be totally bald!”
Nstntcrma: I pick up the scissors and slide them under your thong and cut it off with a loud schnick!
Kelli21258: My hair is still neatly styled…. James wonders how we will cut it… “Shouldn’t she have to wear a hairstyle that is a little LESS flattering for a while first?”
Nstntcrma: It falls to the floor.
Nstntcrma: “Good point.”
Kelli21258: I hear the word BALD again… whimper… “But… but…” I shouldn’t have spoken… against the rules….
Nstntcrma: “How about just a blunt chin length bob?”
Nstntcrma: I crack you on the ass for whimpering!
Nstntcrma: “Shut up! And stand at attention!”
Nstntcrma: James grabs your pussy hair and jerks on it. “What about this rat’s nest, huh?”
Kelli21258: I do so obediently… Maria lets out a laugh.
Nstntcrma: “Let’s just cut it like a bowl cut.”
Nstntcrma: (Derek goes into the kitchen and returns with a soup bowl.)
Nstntcrma: “Kneel down!”
Kelli21258: I cringe but say nothing… getting better trained…. (Have someone mention a dyke cut…. or hmm… what else is really, really ugly… mohawk?)
Kelli21258: I very relucantly get on my knees… my fashionable hair framing my face perfectly…. I reach up and touch it fondly.
Nstntcrma: “How about a spiky dyke cut! Mohawk! Or a high and tight clipper cut?”
Nstntcrma: “Tape her mouth, James!
Nstntcrma: “Handcuff her arms in front of her so she can’t touch her hair again!”
Kelli21258: (Dyke cut is that horrible short all over with back long… looks HORRIBLE… mohawk is BAD though…)
Nstntcrma: I pick up the scissors and stand over you.
Kelli21258: I cringe… feeling my hair on my shoulders as my hands are handcufed to the chair. (Tease me a lot… this is your glory.)
Nstntcrma: Taking the comb I comb your hair down straight all over.
Nstntcrma: “You look really haughty now Kell, how would Brian like your hair to be?”
Nstntcrma: “Remember when I used to run my fingers through your hair like this during those walks.”
Kelli21258: You grin… handing the comb to Maria… Maria, now understanding, finds my expensive hair salon shampoo and conditioner and a special split end ointment.
Nstntcrma: “I was always fantasizing about running clippers through it.”
Nstntcrma: “You can have that Maria, she won’t be needing it.”
Kelli21258: I cringe… naked and about to have my prideful mane cut short.
Nstntcrma: “She’ll just be needing a polishing rag!” James says. We all laugh and point.
Nstntcrma: “How about this, Kell and Brian?”
Kelli21258: (For a year, no less.)
Nstntcrma: I slide the scissors under your hair at your right temple very high to the hairline.
Nstntcrma: Schnick! Schnick! I cut across your bangs.
Kelli21258: Take final suggestions?
Nstntcrma: “Give her a dutch boy
Nstntcrma: “A pixy.”
Kelli21258: My eyes begin to tear up… now I officially don’t look as good as I did…
Nstntcrma: “How ’bout a short layered do with long back like that dyke bitch in the bar?”
Nstntcrma: “That’s it Derek, that bitch’s hair made me sick.”
Kelli21258: My eyes go wide… you have even heard me make fun of that hairstyle before.
Nstntcrma: “You’re going to look like a slit licker for a while here, Kell, what do you think of that?”
Kelli21258: I realize I am going to have to look like that for a while… while getting spanked and ass fucked.
Kelli21258: I tremble.
Nstntcrma: “I know, just like the woman at the gym that you always made fun of.”
Nstntcrma: Schnick! Schnick!
Nstntcrma: I work quickly, laying in the short layers and spiky crown.
Nstntcrma: Your hair falls over your bare shoulders.
Nstntcrma: Snip, snip.
Nstntcrma: Layer after layer.
Kelli21258: Maria smiles as my lovely hairstyle fades… the long blonde hair getting shorter in front… really doesn’t suit me…
Nstntcrma: James films away.
Nstntcrma: Your eyes well up as I layer it out. “Hey, Maria, come here. Kell wants you!” We all laugh.
Nstntcrma: I comb it out and stand back to admire my handiwork.
Kelli21258: You are soooooo happy about it… my beautiful mane falling away and later tonight it will be totally gone… just a bald head instead of that golden mane of mine.
Nstntcrma: I get rock hard thinking of you being shorn under the clippers.
Nstntcrma: I put the scissors aside and grab one of your platform shoes.
Kelli21258: I dont even want to see it… can’t stand men seeing me this way… and that long black-haired bitch getting my expensive hair stuff.
Nstntcrma: I push you into a doggy style position and start paddlling you with your shoes.
Nstntcrma: Maria stuffs your purse with what hair has been cut off.
Nstntcrma: She adorns her hair with your articles as your ass is firmy spanked.
Nstntcrma: Derek takes out his cock and rubs it on the side of your face as I work your ass over. Smack! Smack! “You look like you’re really in control, Kell!”
Nstntcrma: “Look at this little saggy ass. James, get some shots of it turning red, haha.”
Kelli21258: I yelp like a little dog… now looking like an ugly 70s trailer trash…. (When I am baldheaded, put me over your knee.)
Nstntcrma: Smack! Smack!
Kelli21258: “Ow, owwww!” Just like a baby… not a woman.
Nstntcrma: I lay down the shoe and get behind you… you fucking little tramp bitch! “Now I’m going to enjoy butt fucking this dyke look-a-like, gentlemen!”
Nstntcrma: I slide the head of my aching cock into your ass.
Nstntcrma: I reach up and run my hands through your jagged tresses as Maria watches.
Kelli21258: I cry out… first time… I cry as you fuck me.
Kelli21258: Not so proud any more.
Nstntcrma: Wiping the snipped hairs from your shoulders as I slowly ease my thick cock into your ass.
Kelli21258: Ahhhhhh.
Nstntcrma: “Hey Brian,” I say to the video. “Like watching your little slut, whore, get butt fucked? Wait till you see her head shaving on film.
Nstntcrma: “Bald as a cue ball, Brian, that’s how you like them isn’t it?
Nstntcrma: “Completely naked little slut!”
Nstntcrma: In and out my rhythm increases as I fuck your asshole hard!
Nstntcrma: Running my hands through that dyke do as Derek and James laugh at you.
Kelli21258: I yelp, my breats bouncing…
Nstntcrma: “Fuck her good Jeff! Lift that little ass right off of the ground!”
Nstntcrma: My thighs slam into your butt cheeks as I lean down and tell you how I can’t wait to see your bald head!
Nstntcrma: I work up a full load and come in your ass!
Nstntcrma: “Do you think that she enjoyed that James?”
Kelli21258: I cringe… reallizing I really will be fuckin totally bald when this is over… I try not to think about it…. ahhh ahhhh
Nstntcrma: Maria runs her hands through your bush
Nstntcrma: “Do you like it Maria?”
Nstntcrma: “Do you wish to have it?”
Nstntcrma: She nods and smiles.
Nstntcrma: Get up!
Kelli21258: I look at you in shock… in disbelief that you are giving her my pubic hair.
Nstntcrma: “Let’s put her favorite barrette in her bush though.”
Nstntcrma: We laugh and get your favorite barrette and clip it into your bush.
Nstntcrma: James zooms in on it with the camera.
Nstntcrma: There you are standing there with your prize hair jewelry in your patch with three people standing and laughing at you.
Nstntcrma: I reach over and pick up the clippers.
Kelli21258: I whimper… Maria laughes. “Maybe soon she have more hair there than on top.”
Nstntcrma: I flick them on and stand there looking at you as they hum steadily.
Kelli21258: Derek mentions that I should have to be on a table for this…
Nstntcrma: Derek and James grab your arms and walk you over to the table and lay you back.
Kelli21258: I lay back… totally nude… legs spread.


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