Author: Eddy-Z

Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders – Greg

“…8, 9, 10!” she said as she let out a sigh of relief. Her workouts had been going extraordinarily well lately. And she had her husband to thank for

Anne Gets a Haircut Surprise

Anne could not believe it when her name was pulled out of the hat! There must be at least twenty couples at the party tonight and it had to be her bad luck to be the one selected a

New Girl in School

The New Girl in School – Ants1234

Sherri had moved back east when her mom was divorced. She had been a popular girl in her California High School and was working as a part-time

Advertising Consultant

She stood within darkness so complete it hurt her eyes. She strained to see beyond the void, to see the end of it, but it was like looking into a vast tunnel. She knew instinctivel

Tequila Nights to Die For

Tequila Nights to Die For Waking from her troubled slumber, Ellen is totally parched. Her mouth is so dry it hurts. I must been sleeping with my mouth open again she thinks… Goi

Walking on Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine by HeadBoy

Katrina had been down this road before, that giddy feeling inside, the odd pangs in the belly that could mean only one thing: love. Yup, love. Tha

Private Cut

Private Cut – Thomas F. Plesser, Jr.

Cutting a beautiful woman’s hair is not just pleasure, it’s a way of showing the special lady how much she is worshipped. A cut does not stop


The Sleepover – by J

We were pubescent girls, embarking upon a world of makeup and boys. Hormones and emotions ran wild in our group of thirteen-year-old girls. The very sight o


A Fantasy – Allaura

I show up at your door at the time we mutually agreed upon. You tell me that I’m right on time for my appointment and lead me to “the” chair. As I take a seat

Heidi’s Cut and Colour

Heidi’s cut and color – Ex Dutch

I have known Heidi for years. We were casual friends, and early during our friendship we had been on a few dates. Nothing much exciting happened